Yes, There Is PLENTY of Evidence That Trump Is Tanking With Latino Voters

(Photos by Gage Skidmore)

(Photos by Gage Skidmore)

Let’s step back for a second and say that The Hill’s Niall Stanage is not telling you everything you need to know about Donald Trump and Latino voters in a clickbaity story called “Trump is doing better with Hispanics than you think.”

At one point Stanage boldly writes this:

But as of right now, there is not much evidence to suggest that Trump is faring any worse among Hispanics than did Romney, who at one point argued that illegal immigrants in the United States could be persuaded to “self-­deport.”

Seriously? As with any political story that tries to inform but in the end just misleads, Stanage conveniently didn’t include some polls that would fly in the face of his thesis.

Exhibit 1: We guess that Stanage didn’t catch the latest NALEO/Telemundo/Latino Decisions poll that was released on Monday, September 19? Here is what that poll says: Clinton 71% Trump 18%. (6% are undecided and 5% are choosing another candidate.) We will repeat it for Stanage: Clinton 71% Trump 18%. Romney was at 27% with Latino voters in 2012. Last time we checked, 18% is nowhere near close to 27%. (FYI, Latino Decisions’ co-founders do some polling work for the Clinton campaign but they were not involved in this poll.)

Exhibit 2: Florida International University’s New Latino Voice weekly tracking poll has it as (wait for it): Clinton 75.2%, Other 13.6% and Trump 11.2%. Yes, in the poll, Other is doing better than Trump.

Exhibit 3: America’s Voice and Latino Decisions from late August: Clinton 70% Trump 19%. Once again, 19% is no way near close to 27%.

Exhibit 4: Stanage does not let you know in his story that the Univision swing states poll he was referring to also included Gary Johnson and Jill Stein. So you are literally comparing apples and oranges between 2012 and 2016. Thanks for not mentioning that, Mr. Stanage. That’s kind of an important detail to overlook.

Exhibit 5: In the middle of August, Fox News Latino had it as Clinton 66% Trump 20%. 20%. That is not 27% or better than Romney.

One more thing: that Marist poll Stanage is using to prove his case that Trump is killing it with Latinos (30 percent!)? It is very likely that the sampling is small when it comes to Latinos. For example, for the Nevada portion of the poll, only 627 likely voters were surveyed. That is ALL voters and not just Latino voters. So is this a case that the Marist poll asked 100 Latinos again? Actually, if you look at the actual numbers, this is how many Latinos were surveyed for this poll: 240 Latino adults. Of those 240 Latino adults, 183 were registered Latino voters and of those 183 registered voters, 107 were likely Latino voters.

107 likely Latino voters.

Yes, do we think Hillary Clinton is still having some problems with Latinos? No doubt. But Stanage’s suggestion that Trump is doing better than Romney with Latino voters nationally is laughable. On another note, didn’t Romney lose in 2012 anyway?

Greg Medina
Greg Medina

Exhibit really depends on which "La Tinos" you are talking to.  Those of us who have had more than enough of Hillaria's duplicity, deceit and dishonesty over the last 3.5 decades and cannot tolerate the idea of her RE-entering the White House again with her intern-licking, woman-abusing, misogynist, lying, money-laundering, IMPEACHED, barred-for-life beard-of-a-husband, have no choice but to not vote at all or vote for El Trumpo, who despite all his alleged short-comings (small hands and comb-over hair) certainly doesn't carry anywhere near the MOUNTAIN of baggage of disgrace and dishonor that Hillaria does.  

And sometimes a nation needs to put an outlier like Trump in charge for better or worse to FINALLY re-assess, re-define and re-align its reason for being 'cause right now, the US is floundering with shredded sails, no rudder and NO ONE at the helm, but a politically-over-corrected fake, wannabe-negro mulatto Uncle Tom with an inconvenient white mother who was mounted and bred as an 18 y/o college Freshman by his (already married) drunken Kenyan "father" who made HIM the poster child for the 80% of all black births in the US with "NO-FATHER-TO-RECEIVE-SUPPORT-FROM" on their birth certificates.

I don't want to vote for Trump, but I CANNOT vote for a Congressional liar, who has devoted the last 4 decades to enabling a wife-abusing-and-humiliating, female-degrading  "husband" and who HERSELF dismissed the deaths of 4 Americans who were dong HER work in the American Mission in Benghazi with such callous disregard that the families of the dead are still spinning in shock by how she regarded their loved ones being executed at their desks while Hillaria pressed the "SNOOZE" button on her alarm clock.