Mexican Literary Magazine Just Published the Most Powerful Trump Cover Ever

Leave it to a Mexican literary magazine to boldly go where few media outlets in the United States have gone. Here is what Letras Libres tweeted on Wednesday night:

Yes, that’s a photo of Donald Trump with the words “American Fascist” in Spanish under his nose, looking very similar like Hitler’s mustache.

As expected, the reaction has been pretty strong:

“What a macabre photo or person. Congratulations to the designer for this genius and to the editorial team for choosing this topic.”

Nah, we don’t think so, but whatever. The Mexican cover wins.

(H/T @Tusk81)

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after reading the article you affection makes me feel very flattered by this, it gives a lot of little knowledge, in which the news is presented is very nice and easy to read directly in the subject heading


Sorry, but it was stealed from AdBusters magazine.