From The Daily Show: The One Trump Supporter Who Thinks Puerto Ricans Are ‘Invaders’ (VIDEO)

Hey, we know Donald Trump is President-elect, but can we just share what this one Trump supporter told The Daily Show?

Puerto Ricans and Hispanics voting in there several times. They’re not immigrants. They’re invaders. They’re Hispanic, Roman-Catholic invaders. And it’s not just them, it’s going to be others that are going to do it. Hispanics, blacks, left-wing Socialists, Communists, pro-homosexual, pro-black, anti-white, gun-grabbing, pro-Muslim — all these different factions.

Yeah, these are just words. Nothing to see here.



Ese tipo de personas que odian no se le deberian hacer caso. Ahora los que eligieron a ese aTriump ategansen a sus locuras y que dicen que todo hispano o otros tipo de raza son invasores. Los verdaderos americanos son los indios nativos de EU . Los que invadieron E U furon los antepasados de este loco que invadiron E U. Ahoran debe ver como ese loco deprecia al que no es blanquito como el o que piese como el.


He probably doesn't even know where Puerto Rico is on the Map. I know people that are well educated but have no idea where it is... or anything about it. I guess we have to EDUCATE them. That is all ;-)