The ‘Deportation Bus’ Advertising Georgia GOP Governor Candidate Can’t Get Any More Racist

On Sunday, the Facebook profile of Ana Clavel shared the following four photos from Georgia. Since then, the photos have been shared more than two thousand times. The four photos of are a “deportation bus” filled with some of the most blatant xenophobic and racist public language we have ever seen. The photos are also show that the bus is a moving campaign advertisement for Michael Williams, a GOP candidate for Georgia governor.

Photo via Ana Clavel/Facebook

Photo via Ana Clavel/Facebook

Photo via Ana Clavel/Facebook

Photo via Ana Clavel/Facebook

There’s also a video:

Williams, who is one of the candidates in the GOP primary in Georgia, also got endorsed by Latinos For Trump. Yay, self-hate!

Meanwhile, if you think Williams is just some extreme Georgia Republican aberration, here is one of his opponents:

Scared yet?

Maybe, maybe not, because Williams is polling at just 3 percent in a recent GOP primary poll from Atlanta’s (BTW, that Kemp guy with the rifle? He’s at 17 percent.)

1. In the Republican primary for Georgia governor, how do you vote?

35% Casey Cagle

17% Brian Kemp

10% Hunter Hill

8% Clay Tippins

3% Michael Williams

27% Undecided

There are still a lot of undecided voters, though, as this late April poll from The Atlanta Journal-Constitution shows:

But this is Georgia, which has some of the most extreme immigration laws in the books right now.

Ok, one more thing: looks like the whole deportation bus thing backfired. Watch this:

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