Last Night on The Daily Show: “The Nuevo Deal” and Al Madrigal’s “Hispanic Room”

Last night on the Daily Show, Jon Stewart, Al Madrigal, and Jessica Williams covered immigration.


Stewart started it off with the background, and even though the first few seconds were uncomfortable, he got on a roll with the whole “amnesty” thing.

Then Madrigal was brilliant in “The Hispanic Room” segment, with a great assist by Williams. We LOVED Madrigal’s line, “A Latino grudge on average lasts just over 4 generations.” So true. Here’s hoping Madrigal’s segments keep digging into these topics, since he has a great chance to amplify them. Self-deprecating humor just works when done right and with some actual wit. Madrigal is looking more and more comfortable on the show. We are rooting for him.

While TUSD and Michael Hicks Stay Silent, Reaction to Bizarre Daily Show Piece Gathering Steam

Looks like the reaction to The Daily Show appearance from Tucson Unified School District school board member Michael Hicks has started to take a life of its own, as several Arizona outlets have begun to cover the reaction to what was a bizarre and perplexing appearance by Hicks and his explanation as to why TUSD decided to ban the district's academically successful Mexican American Studies (MAS) program.

Fellow TUSD school board member Adelita Grijalva told local Tucson TV that Hicks' interview was irresponsible. She also said: "You know when you Google the Daily Show it says there, comedy show, not a real news show."

After the Rebels got Hicks to email us a statement to us around 12:15 EST, Hicks began to use that statement as his official response to the appearance. We did follow up twice with Hicks for follow-up questions, but he has not responded. The same goes for TUSD leadership, whose spokesperson issued a brief statement to us yesterday afternoon around 2:30 EST. We have left a phone message and an follow up email to Cara Rene, TUSD's Director of Communications and Media Relations, but as of this posting, we have received no reply.

We have also contacted Comedy Central's media office, looking for a comment, but have not heard back from them. Once we do, we will publish a response.

In the meantime, TUSD today decided to not renew the contract of Sean Arce, who is the co-founder of the MAS program. As reported by DA Morales out of Tucson:

However, early today Sean Arce, the sole remaining MAS domino that had yet to be toppled, received notice of non-renewal of his contract; ie. his job with TUSD is over at the end of this semester.

And that's it folks!

No more MAS to see here!

Public discussion on this matter may be available at next Tuesday’s meeting since there will be a call to the audience, but keep in mind that this is John Pedicone’s decision, and all he needs is the vote to approve his decision to fire Sean Arce, who was just awarded the Myles Horton Award from the Zinn Education Project.

Yes, DAILY SHOW: Al Madrigal Hits a Homerun with Arizona All-Star Game and Lack of Latino Protest

Yes, Al Madrigal. You hit a jonrón with this one!!!! Your piece on Arizona All-Star Game is awesome!

Al, if you continue to produce this type of comedy, you will go far!!!!!

Daily Show Hires Latino Comedian Al Madrigal: FANTÁSTICO, Although First Segment Was JUST A’RIGHT

So, give it up to THE DAILY SHOW for FINALLY adding a Latino correspondent to its stellar team of political reporters. Yup, comedian Al Madrigal has joined the team and Madrigal did his first segment last night. Al is one funny dude, although we will give him some slack on his first segment. It was a’right. Not stellar, but a good first start.

Our take, we give Madrigal an A for effort but a C for delivery. But we are rooting for Al! Here’s hoping he becomes a comedy superstar. It’s about time!

Here are some segments we would love Al to focus on:

  • The Crazy Latino Haters: Get that exclusive interview with Gator Man Joe Walsh!
  • A bilingual Daily Show episode with subtitles and sexy Latina Univision dancers
  • The Marc Rubio Lovefest Story: Expose his gringoness!
  • Get Calle 13 on the show! Now! Right now!

¡Suerte, Al!

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