Santorum Won’t Correct Woman Who Called President Obama a Muslim

Rick Santorum doesn't feel he has to correct anyone that falsely called the President of being a Muslim. Today, at a town hall event in Lady Lake, Florida, Santorum was questioned on Obama's religion. Here's the actual quote via

"I never refer to Obama as President Obama because legally he is not," the woman in the audience began. "He constantly says that our constitution is passé, and he ignores it as you know and does what he darn well pleases. He is an avowed Muslim and my question is, why isn't something being done to get him out of government? He has no legal right to be calling himself president?"

Santorum never corrected the woman. Instead, he went on to say,

"Well look, I'm doing my best to get him out of the government right now, and you're right about how he uniformly ignores the constitution. He did this with these appointments over the recess that was not a recess, and if I was in the United States Senate I would be drawing the line."

When Santorum was asked  by CNN's John King why he never corrected the woman on Obama's religion, he went on to state the following:

"I don't feel it's my obligation every time someone says something I don't agree with to contradict them, and the President's a big boy, he can defend himself and his record and I'm going to go out and talk about the issues that the President and I disagree on and try to defeat him because I think that's the best thing that we can do for the future of our country."

It seems there are still people in this country who will believe Obama is everything but an American Christian. Consider Santorum's campaign over, even Ann Coulter knows Republicans won't win with radical false statements.

VIDEO: ¿Qué es la ley SOPA? ¿Cómo nos afectaría a todos?

Esta semana la SOPA no es una comida.

Este video te explica la ley de SOPA (Stop Online Privacy Act) que se está considerando en el Congreso de Estados Unidos. Si quieres ser parte del movimiento global contra la SOPA, visita la página del boricua Raúl Colón. (NUEVAS NOTICIAS: La SOPA se enfrió ya que el Congreso pospuso el voto esta tarde.)


President Obama’s Message to Puerto Rico: The US Congress Still Decides Your Fate, Not You

In a much-heralded White House Roundtable Discussion today with journalists from Yahoo!, MSN, and AOL, President Obama offered his views about Puerto Rico's quest to finally resolve its 113-year-old status debate.

Here is the video of what he said:

Although President Obama said "the key here is that the status of Puerto Rico should be decided by the residents of Puerto Rico," he also said that it comes with certain conditions:

  • Puerto Ricans must show an overwhelmingly majority for one option.
  • In the end, the US Congress is the FINAL VOICE of determining Puerto Rico's political future. A plebiscite vote will only "influence" Congress to act.
  • If the island is split on status options, "it is hard to imagine that Congress would be wanting to impose a single solution on the island."
The reality is that President Obama, even with his actions to form a new White House Task Force on Puerto Rican Status behind him, has basically reiterated the truth about Puerto Rico: Puerto Ricans on the island do not have the right to self-determination — the final voice and authority on determining Puerto Rico's status is and always will be Congress.
The colony of Puerto Rico is alive and well, even after the world has seen cosmic changes in new governments being formed in places such as Cairo and Tripoli.
Puerto Ricans, according to President Obama, can vote for their future, but Congress will have the final say. And if the next non-binding plebiscite is not a slam dunk for one of the four options (independence, statehood, the commonwealth status quo, or free associate state), then nothing will happen and Puerto Rico will still be stuck, as it has been so ever since 1898, the year the United States invaded the island during the Spanish-American War.
This kind of reminds us of that famous line from The Who: "Meet the new boss, same as the old boss."


When will Puerto Rico wake up and realize that leaders from the United States and the island's own leaders from all three major political parties are just feeding into the current status quo? When will the island and its people say that they won't get fooled again?

President Obama on Dream Act: I Can’t Change the Law All By Myself

In a roundtable discussion today with Latino journalists from Yahoo, MSN, and AOL, President Barack Obama was asked about his take on why The Dream Act has not passed.

Here is what he said:

President Obama said that his Administration has done everything he could (for example, shifting the immigration emphasis on those in the country with criminal records and away from DREAMERs who have been in this country since they were children), but in the end he still needs to follow the law and if the Dream Act were to pass, it would have to go to the legislative process.

The Complex Battle for the Latino Vote

It is clear that President Obama’s administration has instituted the largest number of deportations, which has greatly disappointed the Latino community in the United States.

So because of this and other issues (like the economy), Latinos are questioning whether Obama will deliver again. Right now, there is a consensus that he won’t.

But are the Republican Party, the Tequila Party, and the Tea Party the solution? Probably not, but check out this vid and let us know what you think.

PS We are currently researching some claims that the Tequila is really a well-crafted move by the Republican Party to pander to Latinos. Some of the stories we have heard are quite troubling, but we will need follow our journalistic skills before we can publish stories. In the meantime, let us know what you think about this video.

Last Night on The Daily Show: Rick Perry Wants to Have Hot Sex with America and Obama’s Bus Tour

Once again, last night on the Daily Show, Jon Stewart does it again, hitting both the right and the left. As for the media, SQUIRREL! 



First up, Rick Perry wants to f-ck the shit out of America. You might need to dial back the Texas back a notch.


And President Obama? Seriously? He is in campaign mode?


WARNING: Felonious Munk Tells America to Pay Its $@%! Bills

Damn, and we thought we were tough, but we have met our match.

No matter your political stripe, you have to agree that Washington DC is living in LALAlandia these days. Let it to Felonious Munk to break it dowm.

MAJOR WARNING: this video is not for the Christian in you. Felonius is a master of the f-bomb, but does he make good points here?

Last Night on The Daily Show: The Obama Downgrade

The Daily Show has some very talented correspondents. John Oliver is golden, but we also think that their “black” correspondent Larry Wilmore is just as good.

Last night, Wilmore had center stage with his segment about The Obama Downgrade.

FUNNY ASS VIDEO: El Circo Puerto Rican Radio Show Does One Killer Obama Character!!!!


Ok, we have to GIVE IT UP TO El Circo de la MegaTv, a very funny political show from Puerto Rico. Looks like the have EXCLUSIVE VIDEO of the conversation between President Barack "Gandules" Obama and Popular Party Gubernatorial candidate Alejandro García Padilla. For those who follow Puerto Rican politics, this is CLASSIC, and KUDOS to the guy who does Obama, the BEST IMPERSONATION we have ever heard.

Like President Gandules says: "Status schamtus, who gives a shit, you guys are a colony, you will always be a colony!"

Classic stuff.

Puerto Rico: DILE NO A OBAMA

La hora de cambiar a Puerto Rico es AHORA.

Indig[Nación]: El Presidente from Juancho Pancho Film[es] on Vimeo.