Governor Charles “Buddy” Roemer Suspends Campaign


Baton Rouge, LA –Governor Buddy Roemer issued the following statement on the suspension of his Presidential Campaign

Today, I am no longer a candidate for President of the United States.

After 17 months of a wonderful campaign, the lack of ballot access in all 50 states makes the quest impossible for now.

I want to thank my family, particularly my wife Scarlett, and my three children Caroline, Chas, and Dakota. I’d also like to thank my three sisters, Margaret, Melinda, Melanie, and my brother Danny for all of their efforts.

I could not have done this without the guidance and brilliance of my campaign manager, Carlos Sierra of El Paso, and without the new media expertise of Jill Sherman and Morgan Martinez, the volunteer efforts of Joshua Chavers, the start-up assistance of a great leader, Skardon Baker of Los Angeles, the courage of my New England director, Jim Knowlton of Worchester, and the scheduling patience of William Pierce of Rhode Island.

A special thank you to Bill Klotz of Louisiana who never faltered— not once. My kitchen cabinet included Taunton Melville of Louisiana, Len Sanderson of DC, Larry Lessig of Massachusetts, Dennis Stine of Louisiana, Brian Silver of California, and Mark McKinnon of Texas.

And to the thousands of volunteers from Alaska to Florida, from Puerto Rico to California, from New Hampshire to Texas: you made the journey worthwhile, particularly since you gave so generously of your time and energy.

We ran like we would serve – Free to Lead. To protect that freedom, we fully disclosed every contribution. We accepted no contributions above $100. We accepted no PAC money, no Super PAC money, no corporate money, and no lobbyist money.

We assumed no debt and we end this campaign with money in the bank. Once again, we ran like we intended to serve. We received contributions averaging less than $50 each from thousands and thousands of Democrats, Republicans and Independents in all 50 states. 

We were not included in a single one of the 23 nationally televised GOP debates, and yet received 7% of the popular vote in a national poll conducted just a few weeks ago. My team was amazing and I thank you.

America is a nation at risk. Job prospects are inadequate. Trade is neither smart nor fair. The tax code is unreadable and, I say, un-American. The budget is unsustainable. Small business must be re-vitalized. Energy has no strategy. Healthcare is not healthy. Banks are still too big to fail, and comprehensive immigration reform is a fantasy.

We can turn all these problems into opportunities, but we must begin our battle with the special interests who are content with the status quo. They don’t want change. They spend billions to keep their control. They own our political system. They bought it with their fundraisers for incumbents, and with jobs for the already powerful. They bought it with special favors and inside information for those who can return the gesture in amendments and legislation and earmarks. They finance the elections. They hire the politicians upon their retirement. And they own the two major political parties. It’s un-democratic and it’s simply un-American.

Look at the facts. 98% of the electorate does not give a penny to presidential or congressional campaigns. The money comes from Wall Street banks, corporate PACs, the labor union coffers, insurance and pharmaceutical companies, Big Oil, military defense contractors, miscellaneous PACs, Super PACs and the lobbyists. The money comes from all of these special interests, and what do they get in return? “Too big to fail” and the death of Glass-Steagall, insurance monopolies, pharmaceutical profit protection, no-bid contracts, $675 hammers for the military, earmarks, $5.1 billion in profits and pay no federal income taxes, subsidies for the wealthiest corporations, and all of the big givers first in line for any perks or favors.  

The special interests give the money and they get a stacked deck in return. And what do we get? We get gridlock, corruption, a do-nothing Washington, and a Congress almost certain to be re-elected year after year.

Although there is a cry for action on many critical issues, we have to start with the issue that deals with the control of the system: campaign finance reform. If we are to become a practicing republic again, we must end the addiction to special interest money.

Reform must be the first issue.

As I am no longer a candidate for president, I am free to pledge a good portion of the rest of my life to enacting campaign reform in the halls of Congress and the corridors of the White House. Instead of using my right to the floor of Congress to lobby for corporate clients, I will lobby for the American people who want reform.

It might require a new organization to get this done, but regardless, we will highlight corruption and its effects on policy and public perception, suggest solutions, build coalitions, and support the advocates of our ideas or those who have better ones.

This struggle will not be easy. The enemies of reform are powerful and entrenched, but this is a struggle that America must win. The key is to realize that I cannot beat them alone. This will take a team effort. We must work together, setting aside inevitable differences on other issues in order to build a reform team. We must dare to look at a total reform package including contribution reform, reapportionment reform, and term-limit reform. I cannot do this alone. True and thorough reform will not occur solely as a “me” effort. This must be a “we” effort.

We must have the spirit to ask all political parties to join with us in this effort. To be successful, this endeavor must cross party lines. In truth, the two major parties are addicted to special interests and corporate money. I have said it many times: they are joined at the billfold. The two parties have been graveyards of reform too often in the past. They don’t want reform. They only want victory and reelection.

You already know this to be true. The latest national polling shows that 42% of the electorate now classify themselves as “independent,” with both major parties shrinking in size, scope, and power.

Join with us. Be unafraid. We’ll put a new organization together and will use the power of the people and new media unlike any organization has ever done with a political goal. We will ask other organizations and associations to join with us in building this team of reformers. We will re-energize our republic.  

Again, thank you for standing with me. Don’t give up. Don’t lose hope. Together, we will continue to reform our country and make America great once again. We are just getting started.

Want a Third Candidate in the 2012 Election? Buddy Roemer Asks All To Go to Americans Elect Now

If you believe in more independent voices in politics, if you believe that this country can benefit from having other major parties in presidential elections that are not neither Republican nor Democratic, then the time to just make Gov. Buddy Roemer the candidate for Americans Elect, a non-partisan political organization that is trying to bring more voices to national elections.

The bottom of this page has an email from Gov. Roemer. It takes just a few minutes to register at Americans Elect and just because you nominate Gov. Roemer now, does not mean that you are voting for him in November.

Currently, Gov. Roemer is leading all DECLARED CANDIDATES in Americans Elect with 5,105 votes. He needs 10,000 to become the candidate for Americans Elect. The deadline for this final decision is Monday May 14. If you think both major parties have become big money machines and have lost their independent streak, take a moment and vote for Gov. Roemer as the primary candidate for Americans Elect. By the way, Gov. Roemer is currently polling 7% nationally.

Like Americans Elect says, "Pick a President, not a party." Change in the current American political system can indeed happen, but you need to take the time to act now. 

Please consider it?



It has come down to the wire. Americans Elect will not have a candidate and my campaign could be over if I do not get the 10,000 votes in 4 days (Deadline May 14th).
I need your help like I’ve never needed it before.I rarely ask for money, because what we need is help to spread my message  This is how you can help.
Please forward this e-mail to everyone you know. Remind them that supporting me on Americans Elect does not mean they have to vote for me in the election in November. Their vote on Americans Elect is simply giving me a voice. We should have a voice on the national stage that talks about ending the corruption and partisanship that plagues our nation. We need someone who is Free to Lead on that stage.
If you are having problems joining Americans Elect please send Josh an e-mail at [email protected] with your contact information.  We will be working with Americans Elect to get every one registered and verified.
Together we can make this happen.

Buddy Roemer




On Current TV, @BuddyRoemer Discusses @AmericansElect and First Online Presidential Primary

Last month we were honored to spend 40 minutes last month with Governor Buddy Roemer, who is currently running as an independent for President. Last night on Current TV, Gov. Roemer shares more thoughts about Americans Elect and the nation's first online presidential primary.

If you are interested in becoming part of this online primary, you would need to click on the following photo and spend about five minutes to enter your information, set up a free account and get verified as a US registered voter.

Roemer has been saying that big money has contaminated politics and we think his message is one that more Americans should be listening to.

Statement by @BuddyRoemer: Buddy Goes Independent

Today, the Buddy Roemer Campaign released the following:

Governor Charles E. “Buddy” Roemer will deliver a speech on Thursday at 9am PT / 12pm ET live from Yowie headquarters in Santa Monica, California. Governor Roemer issued the following statement in regard to his campaign:

“Tomorrow, I will formally end my bid for the GOP nomination for President of the United States.  As the GOP and the networks host debate number twenty-something this evening, they have once again turned their backs on the democratic process by choosing to exclude a former Governor and Congressman.  I have decided to take my campaign directly to the American people by declaring my candidacy for Americans Elect. Also, after many discussions with The Reform Party, I am excited to announce my intentions of seeking their nomination. It is time to heal our nation and build a coalition of Americans who are fed up with the status quo and the partisan gridlock that infects Washington. Together, we will take on the special-interests that control our leaders and end the corruptive influence of money in politics so we can focus on America’s top priority – jobs.”

WHAT:  Yowie Online Speech 9:00am PT/12:00pm ET

WHEN: Members of the media and public are invited to view the speech online at or at

WHERE: Staff will also be live-tweeting the event at, live-posting on Governor Roemer’s Facebook page at, and on Governor Roemer’s Google+ page at

The Latino Rebels Interview With Presidential Candidate @BuddyRoemer

UPDATE: Gov. Roemer has declared himself as a independent candidate for AMERICANS ELECT. 

This is all started when a few of our readers asked us about Republican presidential candidate Buddy Roemer after they had seen the former Louisiana governor and US congressman speaking about the gross corruption of Washington DC. So we reached out to Roemer's campaign and after a few weeks, Roemer agreed to a phone interview.

We asked our friend Lili Gil, a regular contributor to Fox News and MSNBC, to interview Roemer.

The focus? US Latino voters and why Roemer. Here are four YouTube recordings of the entire 40-minute interview. You MIGHT want to listen to the entire interview. Roemer makes some very provocative points on immigration, Washington money, and movements like #OWS and The Tea Party.

For more information about Roemer, you can go to his site:

Go, Buddy Roemer: Yes, He Is a Republican

You can take Ron Paul. We like Buddy Roemer. When will the media actually invite this former Governor of Louisiana and Republican candidate to an actual debate?

He really IS a Republican!

As Other Republicans Debate, Former Louisiana Governor Buddy Roemer Jumps Into Race

So give it up to former Louisiana Governor Buddy Roemer, the newest Republican to enter the presidential race. With a Republican debate scheduled for tonight, Roemer, who was not allowed to participate in the debate, probably got more viewers from a 7-minute segment on THE DAILY SHOW than he would probably get tonight.

So here is Roemer's appearance. Umm, the guy kind of makes some sense. For more about Buddy, visit his site.

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