VIDEO DEL DÍA: “Welcome to the Terrordome” MIXEO 2011

Public Enemy. Profetas del rap político. Estos genios musicales siguen creando pura mágica.

Este video, un nuevo mixeo de la clásica canción Welcome to the Terrodome, está brutal. "I got so much trouble on my mind, refuse to lose…."

After 25 Years of Hard-Ass Hip-Hop, Public Enemy and Chuck D Still Rule: YEAH, BOYYYYY!!!!!

To think that Public Enemy — arguably the best hip-hop group ever assembled — is still relevant after 25 years. Their album It Takes a Nation of Millions to Hold Us Back, released in 1988, is still relevant and powerful today.

And yesterday we found out that the GREAT Chuck D is on Twitter. Fight the power, motherfucker.

As Washington acts like a bunch of wankers, we say Don’t Believe the Hype.