#NoMames ALERT: Now @dailykos Displays @CafePress “Anti-Mexican” and “Spic” Ads on Daily Kos Site

UPDATE, 8:33 EST: We checked one more time to test if indeed the CafePress ad was taken down. It wasn't. Did we clean our cache? Yes. Did we check from two computers? Yes and yes.

Here is the pic we took at 8:33 EST

And here is the screen capture of the file name of the pic and when we saved it:


This all started out innocently enough. Someone in our community sent us a Daily Kos Ron Paul link that we clicked on because the headline was funny: Ron Paul campaign frustrated that they suck. We chuckled at the headline, then read the piece and yawned. We were about to move to another page when we say this in the right corner of the post:

We clicked on the ad and BOOM, all the fun CafePress products that we had blogged about were still there. But this time WE GOT A COUPON!!!!

So to the Daily Kos, we say #NoMames. Maybe you want to actually LOOK at your ads before you have them populate your site and practice what you preach? Let us know when the ad is down and also let us know why you did it in the first place? Thanks for promoting racism!

Just minutes after we tweeted this post out, we went back to the Kos link and got this:

Guess they are trying to fix their racist error. While we waited, we tweeted out to them for why the original CafePress products got listed in the first place.

Five minutes later, after getting the page error, we went back to the post. Looks like another ad had cycled in and the CafePress ad was not appearing any more:

Still, we ask this very simple question: why were they advertising the CafePress products in the first place? So much for being a "progressive" page.

No wonder we don't have ads on our pages.

And the irony of all this? DailyKos founder is half-Latino.

By the way, the chatter on Twitter has been interesting and one profile is suggesting that WE are the ones that are getting the ad because we visited CafePress a lot for our stories and our "cookies" are enabled to activate this product. Our questions then: Doesn't Daily Kos approve its ad content? Don't they get into agreements with ad companies that sell these types of banners? Ads like that don't magically appear on any website, if that is the case, we would be getting ads like that on other sites we visit, but we aren't

Questions linger about this. We hope Kos contacts us.