INFOGRAPHIC: Is The Writing on the Fence for the GOP?

Any questions, GOP? Do you also notice the other color that is growing on the fence?


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Former California Governor Pete Wilson Chosen as a Romney Delegate to Republican National Convention

Pete Wilson? Really?

As the GOP and the Republican National Committee struggle to change Mitt Romney's extreme immigration stances that he employed during the primary season, the Sacramento Bee reported today that former California governor Pete Wilson, perhaps one of the most infamous anti-immigrant leaders of the last two decades (hello, Prop 187), has been named a Romney delegate for the national Republican convention. He just a list of Californians who are a who's who of the GOP, including former gubernatorial candidate Meg Whitman.

Such an announcement already got the compulsory tweet from Obama 2012 Latino media director Gabriela Domenzain:

Domenzain followed up her English tweet with one in Spanish, just to make sure the word got out:

Who can blame her? Sure Obama has his issues with the Latino vote, but still, it's Pete Flipping Wilson, another of Romney's sorry immigration draft choices. As the Latino vote continues to be important in key swing states like Nevada, Florida, Colorado, New Mexico and other states, any Romney association with Wilson will be quickly shared. Wilson is the padrino of the anti-immigrant bloc of the GOP.

So, Romney really is softening his stance on immigration? ¿De veras? #NoMames, Mitt.

Pro-Immigrant GOP Group Calls on Taco Mayor to Resign

For Immediate Release

An Open Letter to East Haven, CT Mayor Joseph Maturo

Dear Mayor Maturo,

When we first heard of your “taco” comments, we were alarmed, then somewhat relieved that at least you apologized.

However, since then you gave another media interview, and again you offended Latinos with your comments and demonstrated that you are tone deaf.

Discriminatory policing in East Haven is not a new phenomenon. East Haven was successfully sued for racial profiling against black motorists, a lawsuit that was lost in 2007, and yet absolutely nothing was done to address the systematic problems – including racial profiling – that led to that lawsuit.

The U.S. Department of Justice (DOJ) began investigating the East Haven police department in September 2009, and at a conference with town officials in April 2010 the DOJ described serious issues with management, and your predecessor promptly suspended the police chief, an appropriate action given the gravity of the issues and ongoing investigation into serious management issues, including possible serious violations of federal law.

The U.S. DOJ is not the only external entity that has drawn this conclusion either. The Police Executive Research Forum (“PERF”) was hired to audit the East Haven Police, and in March 2011 issued a damning report. From the DOJ letter:

The PERF Report found that EHPD policies “fell well short of best professional practices,” including policies regarding use of force, less lethal weapons, civilian complaints and internal investigations, and an early intervention system. The PERF report emphasized that “many of the current policy directives are outdated” and encouraged EHPD to take action to update them.

During the course of the audit, PERF learned that some EHPD officers ignored the policies that existed. This problem of officers disregarding policies was further complicated by EHPD’s “uneven enforcement of policy infractions and inconsistent application of discipline.”

Additionally, the PERF Report noted that EHPD failed to fund training for its officers in the years immediately preceding the audit. It concluded that lack of reinforcement from training leaves the officers, the public, and the Town at greater risk. Also, after reviewing EHPD’s existing policy for capturing and recording racial profiling data, the auditors found it necessary to develop a Model Racial Profiling Policy for EHPD. Along similar lines, the audit emphasized the need for EHPD officers to “provide the same level of service to all those who live, work, and drive in East Haven. The PERF Report highlighted that EHPD should work to improve relationships with all of the Town’s communities, but placed a particular emphasis on the Latino community.

It’s apparent that town officials – including yourself – have known about serious management and accountability problems for years, and yet you reinstated the police chief before the DOJ completed its investigation!

Sir, it is time for you to resign, and we’d like for you leave the Republican Party as well. The Republican Party is the Party of Lincoln, Martin Luther King, Jr., and Ronald Reagan. The 14th amendment, which East Haven police has so egregiously violated for decades, was one of the crowning achievements of our party. Instead of tolerating abuses towards Latinos, particularly immigrants, we should be seeking to engage Latinos. Latinos have twice the rate of business start-ups, in large measure due to the above average levels of ambition of New Americans. PEW Research reports 60% of Latinos are conservative or moderate ideologically, and immigrants are even more conservative. We need more Latinos in the GOP and our party should be attracting Latinos in droves, but your comments and well as those of a small minority of GOP politicians are patently offensive, and instead drive conservative Latinos into the arms of the Democratic Party. Recent surveys show base support for Republicans among Latinos in the 15-20% range, well below expected given the right-center orientation.

I was active in the Republican Party when I lived in Connecticut. Never did I ever hear another Connecticut Republican use such offensive and patronizing language as I saw in your media interviews, and a recent poll shows a majority of Republicans support immigration reform including a path to legalization. You are an embarrassment to our party. Please leave.

yours truly,

Bob Quasius

Bob Quasius, Sr.


Cafe Con Leche Republicans

Cell: 507-401-0694



When Rush Limbaugh Craps on You, Mitt Romney Has Got Problems

Yesterday in an interview with CNN's Soledad O'Brien (who is quickly earning Rebelde status with us), GOP candidate Mitt Romney said things about the country's classes that he probably regretted saying.

According to reports, Romney had to spend most of the day clarifying his statements. Sure, he got pummeled by the left, but it is interesting to note that he also got heavily criticized by the right, particularly Rush Limbaugh, who basically identified the elephant in the room: Romney as the prototypical rich Republican who continues to give Obama 2012 a portfolio of campaign gems. This is what CBS reported:

”Sometimes things don't come out exactly the way you'd like them to," Romney explained. "That's not exactly what I meant to say. My focus is on middle income Americans. We do have a safety net for the very poor, and I said if there are holes in it I want to correct that."

Opponents on the left jumped on it, saying it shows Romney is out of touch. Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh noticed, as well. "Everyone knows what he was trying to say," Limbaugh observed, "but he didn't say it. He makes himself a target with this stuff. He comes across at the prototypical rich Republican. … It's gonna make it harder and harder and harder to go after Obama."

Romney's comments also gave an opening for his Republican opponents to attack.

Newt Gingrich said he is "fed up with politicians in either party dividing Americans against each other. I am running to be the president of all of the American people, and I am concerned about all of the American people."

Jezebel Produces “Sh*t Republicans Say to Black People”

Why make a parody when you can use real footage? This week Jezebel produced  "Sh*t Republicans Say to Black People" and it didn't need any joke writers, actors, or funny lines. They just used actual footage of GOP candidates. Click here or on the photo below to watch the video.



Colbert Super PAC: Meet Mitt the Ripper

Ok, we all know that Stephen Colbert is all about satire and now that he is exploring a run for President, his Super PAC is going after Mitt Romney.

"If corporations are people, then Mitt Romney is a serial killer." HA!

Romeny Responds to Gingrich and Perry, the New Champions of #OWS

Hey, if someone is going to crap on you, you hit back. So it is no surprise that after both Newt Gingrich and Rick Perry started painting Romney as a "vulture capitalist" that would fall in line with the agenda of the #OWS movement, Romney wouldn't stay silent.

Here is what the Romney campaign is running right now in South Carolina:

This is what the Romney campaign is saying:

"We expected the Obama administration to put free markets on trial," the ad says. "But as The Wall Street Journal said, 'Mr. Romney’s GOP opponents are embarrassing themselves by taking the Obama line.'"

As for the now infamous ads and documentary that Gingrich's PAC is running about Romney and his corporate raider ways, this link from The Washington Post provides an excellent analysis of the facts.

Who knows where this GOP Frat War will go, but it is clear that the Obama 2012 campaign is watching and taking notes. 



America’s Newest Anchor Baby is… Mitt Romney?

After saying he would veto the DREAM Act if elected President and then calling it a handout, GOP Mitt Romney publicly revealed one of his his campaign's worst-kept secrets: that his father was born in Mexico.

(Credit: Jordan Fabian, Univision News)

Sunday in New Hampshire, Univision News, which is quickly becoming one of the better English-language news outlets for the US Latino market, was covering Romney's campaign in Rochester NY (full story here) when the former Massachusetts Governor began talking about his family history. Here is the excerpt:

During a packed rally at the Rochester Opera House, Romney spoke about his family’s history, in particular his father’s rags-to-riches tale. He briefly referenced the fact that his father, George, was born in Mexico and came to the United States at age five.

Despite not graduating college, George Romney went on to become an auto executive, governor of Michigan and a Republican presidential candidate in the 1970s. Romney suggested that his father’s tale is similar to those of immigrants to came to the U.S. who are searching for economic opportunity.

“We became a nation that attracted the innovators of the world,” Romney said, wrapping up his riff. “It’s in our DNA, it’s who we are.”

Today, Univision News' Jordan Fabian followed Romney to another event in Nashua:

After a speech to the Nashua Chamber of Commerce, Romney was asked how he could create more excitement for the Republican Party. In his reply, he unexpectedly brought up the subject of Latino voters.

“I need to get 50.1 percent of the American people behind me,” Romney began. “Take a group like Latino-Americans. If I can convince more Latino-Americans to vote Republican, I’ll be doing pretty well pretty broadly.”

Romney’s comment was an indication that he’s beginning to look ahead to the general election, suggesting that Latinos could be the key swing group in that contest.

All of a sudden Romney is starting to court Latinos? Does he think Latinos have a short memory? What you do you think?

Journalist @liligil Gets @newtgingrich to Talk About His Latino Voter Strategy at NYC Town Hall

While Herman Cain was suspending his campaign, GOP front-runner Newt Gingrich was in Staten Island yesterday at a town hall meeting. Journalist Lili Gil had a chance to ask the candidate a question about how his strategy to attract the US Latino vote.

Here is the video.

GOP Frontrunner Gingrich to #OWS: “Go get a job right after you take a bath”

Now that GOP frontrunner Newt Gingrich is getting more and more attention, his opinions are starting to go viral online.

Gingrich was on a roll this weekend. Here is what he said about #OWS.