Latino Rebels Interviews Smiley and Chuy, Puppet Leads of “Hey Vato” Web Show

This is a Latino Rebels first.

Yesterday we interviewed Smiley and Chuy, the two puppet leads from “Hey Vato,” an edgy web comedy series that our friends at shared with us last year. The show has a dedicated cult following, and its creators are now trying to raise funds for a 15-minute short film. We have gotten to know the creative guys behind the show —Robert Vasquez (co-creator, voice of Chuy), Juan Rodriguez (co-creator, director), Marc Rivera (co-creator, voice of Smiley)— and they are REALLY SUPER NICE and HUMBLE. We also always thought that their show was unique. And after making a contribution to their IndieGogo campaign, we asked to interview Smiley and Chuy.


Here it is. Our first puppet interview.

For more information about the show, watch its IndieGogo trailer.

The show has a Facebook page, and you can catch all the episodes on YouTube.

And here’s the show’s theme song, “Pan Dulce” by Gagdet Car.

A New “Hey Vato” Episode Is Out: “The Gun Show”

We love the guys at “Hey Vato.” Who doesn’t love a vato puppet show?


Here is their latest episode.

Give them a like on Facebook, and you can catch more episodes here.

From Our Friends at @PochoDotCom: “Hey, Vato!” Puppet Video Gets All Philosophical

Ha! We saw this link from our friends at this morning and just had to share it.

Two vatos talking get all philosophical and shit. (NSFW, people, but still). To learn more about Hey Vato, go check them out here.