A Tale of Two Twitters? @hijorge Live Tweets Protest, While @TipsyCakeChi Says “We Are a Latino Business”

The last 12 hours have been a bit heady in the social media story of Tipsy Cake, whose owner sparked a controversy with comments about life in Chicago's Humboldt Park. This afternoon, a community press conference/protest/boycott was held and according to live tweets from @hijorge, the scene was "intense" and many business owners and students who attended the event were "furious."

Here are screen shots of what @hijorge tweeted this afternoon:



In the meantime, at least on Twitter, there was no indication that the official Twitter feed of @TipsyCakeChi was responding to the tweets during the event. The last tweeting done by the account happened late last night, when in response to @profzavala, the account said they "were there to help" and in response to @JoseCruz200, the account said "we are a latino business why is there hate you condone?"


Finally, the Tipsy Cake Twitter profile posted the followed pic on YFROG:

Sound advice?

Public Facebook Page of @TipsyCakeChi Owner: Any Publicity is Good Publicity

Naomi Levine, the owner of Tipsy Cake in Chicago, might want to consider making her personal Facebook page private and not searchable. In the last few days, Levine's Facebook profile page, which is publicly visible on the Internet for anyone in the world to read (but not comment), included a few posts that suggest that Levine will not back down from controversial statements she made on camera about Chicago's Humboldt Park neighborhood.

This is what Levine posted earlier this week.

This morning, her public timeline included posts from friends that Levine responded to.

Last night, Tipsy Cake's official Twitter profile responded to our requests for comments, and a press conference by Humboldt Park residents is scheduled for 12 noon today in front of Tipsy Cake's store in the neighborhood.

In Response to Our Questions, @TipsyCakeChi Tweets Their Reactions to Controversy

Late night Wednesday at 11:45 CST, Tipsy Cake bakery decided to respond to @latinorebels via Twitter after receiving a multitude of mentions from the social media community about their inappropriate comments during a video interviewHere are screen shots of the exchange in chronological order.




Humboldt Park Residents to Hold Press Conference Demonstration at @TipsyCakeChi

On Thursday, February 23, a press conference has been called in front of the Tipsy Cake in Humboldt Park at noonThis is what the organizers shared with us:

This is what they posted on our Facebook page:

‎"FYI: "Press conference tomorrow (Thursday-February 23) in front of Tipsy Cake Humboldt Park location 1043 N. California. 12 pm. Please join us during your lunch hour! Raise your voice latin@!! This is not only for us, EN LA UNIDAD ESTA LA FUERZA!!  Spread the word people! Down with racism! Down with stereotypes! Down with Tipsy Cake! Let's show them what an amazing community of Puerto Ricans there is in Humboldt Park and in the entire Chicago area!"

Social Media Responds to the @TipsyCakeChi Humboldt “Crack Cake” Controversy

It seems like the Tipsy Cake episode, where the owner of the local Chicago bakery in Bucktown made disparaging comments about Humboldt Park, has begun to gain traction on social media, even though the bakery's Facebook wall is blocking and deleting critical comments and its Twitter profile is not responding to tweets (and has switched from being private to public several times since the airing of the video).

This is the video that caused the controversy. It is an edited video we did for news-gathering purposes.


On February 21, @TipsyCakeChi tweeted the following:

Yet, as of this afternoon, the Twitter profile is operating as if it is business as usual:

On Facebook, Tipsy Cake has blocked and deleted critical comments for the past 24 hours (two came from our staff), but one comment got through as of 20 minutes ago:

A few hours later, when we check the page again, the comment was gone:

The barrage of critical comments, however, continue to show up on the bakery's Yelp site. All the latest comments posted on the Yelp site since yesterday have specifically addressed the interview with City Soles, which was taken down from the City Soles YouTube and blog pages. Here are screen shots of what people are saying.


In addition, we have tried to get comments from Tipsy Cake, City Soles, and Whole Foods, but have yet to hear from any of them so far.

Of Crack Cakes and Bullet Holes in Humboldt Park: CitySoles and Tipsy Cake Fail #NoMames

We got this story from one of our community members tonight, and we are still perplexed. Let's give you the context first: This is an edited video we developed (for news-gathering purposes) of a local Chicago store and online series called CitySoles. The episode in question was a cake store in Bucktown called Tipsy Cake.

Boricua pride in Humboldt Park

Now, the actual video is no longer on the CitySoles site, but that doesn't mean that the comments made by both CitySoles' host Chris Starbuck and Tipsy Cake owner Naomi Levine about life in Humboldt Park (a predominantly Latino neighborhood in Chicago) have disappeared from the Internet. Remember: nothing ever disappears on the Internet. Here is what they said.

So, let's get this straight:

  • Levine left Humboldt Park because her cakes were getting riddled by bullet holes and moved to a more affluent neighborhood, yet still bakes her product in Humboldt Park.
  • One of their most popular items is called Crack, as in Humboldt Crack, since the Chicago Police made a habit of knocking on their doors asking for crack.
  • Looks like Starbuck has a crack habit.
  • And Whole Foods likes to sell the crack.

We have one word for all this: #NoMames