My 10 Questions for Jorge Ramos: #CountryForAll

Given that Twitter will be very busy tonight when Jorge Ramos chats immigration with Mamiverse, Latino Rebels, and iHispano, I am feeling a bit selfish right now. I know many people have submitted some great questions for Ramos, but there is a part of me that just wants Ramos to answer the following 10 questions listed below, especially after what President Obama had to say at last night’s State of the Union.


In case you missed it, this is what the President said about immigration reform:

Our economy is stronger when we harness the talents and ingenuity of striving, hopeful immigrants. And right now, leaders from the business, labor, law enforcement, and faith communities all agree that the time has come to pass comprehensive immigration reform.

Real reform means strong border security, and we can build on the progress my Administration has already made – putting more boots on the southern border than at any time in our history, and reducing illegal crossings to their lowest levels in 40 years.

Real reform means establishing a responsible pathway to earned citizenship – a path that includes passing a background check, paying taxes and a meaningful penalty, learning English, and going to the back of the line behind the folks trying to come here legally.

And real reform means fixing the legal immigration system to cut waiting periods, reduce bureaucracy, and attract the highly-skilled entrepreneurs and engineers that will help create jobs and grow our economy.
In other words, we know what needs to be done. As we speak, bipartisan groups in both chambers are working diligently to draft a bill, and I applaud their efforts. Now let’s get this done. Send me a comprehensive immigration reform bill in the next few months, and I will sign it right away.

And these are the questions I would ask Ramos tonight:

  1. Do you think President Obama will break his immigration promise again?
  2. Do you think that President Obama hears about the stories of deportations and the separation of families? How do you think he feels?
  3. What do you think of the “learning English” provision in the new reform plan? Is learning English a requisite for “American” identity?
  4. What is a “meaningful penalty” for someone who wants to become a U.S. citizen?
  5. Is President Obama aware that undocumented individuals contribute to our tax system? What do you think of his taxes line?
  6. What are your thoughts about those undocumented who have to go to the “back of the line?”
  7. Has our immigration policy gotten too militarized and too enforcement-heavy? What are the consequences of such a policy?
  8. Why have border crossings reached a 40-year-low? What are the biggest reasons?
  9. Do you think the anti-immigrant rhetoric has improved or has it gotten worse?
  10. Will a new immigration reform bill provide a positive solution or will it cause even more problems?

I would think that Ramos will have a lot to say tonight, even in the world of 140 characters. Yes, immigration is complex, and it is still a very important topic. I look forward to Ramos’ insights.

I hope you can join us on Twitter tonight.


Julio (Julito) Ricardo Varela (@julito77 on Twitter) founded (part of Latino Rebels, LLC) in May, 2011 and proceeded to open it up to about 20 like-minded Rebeldes. His personal blog,, has been active since 2008 and is widely read in Puerto Rico and beyond. He is also a weekly contributor to NBC Latino. Recently, Julito represented the Rebeldes on CBS’ Face the NationNPR, and The New York Times.

#CountryForAll Immigration February 13 Twitter Chat with Jorge Ramos

Don’t forget to RSVP to the #CountryForAll Immigration Twitter Chat with the legendary Jorge Ramos, co-hosted by Mamiverse, Latino Rebels, and IHispano. The RSVP link is here, and if you join us on February 13 from 9-10 EST on Twitter, you will get a chance to win one of 10 autographed copies of Ramos’ Country for All: An Immigration Manifesto.


In anticipation of the event, Mamiverse has already published several posts about the topic:

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Jorge Ramos Joins Mamiverse and Latino Rebels in Twitter-Talk on Immigration and Latinos in America


Mamiverse is thrilled to announce an upcoming Twitter-Talk with Emmy award-winning journalist Jorge Ramos. Currently the anchor of Noticiero Univision, Ramos joins Mamiverse, along with partners Latino Rebels and iHispano, to talk about the new edition of his book, A Country for All: An Immigrant Manifesto. In it, Ramos addresses the urgent need for Immigration Reform, and why Latinos are the key to making America’s future a bright one.


“I’m excited about this event and truly connecting with Mamiverse families to talk about my book and the role immigration has on the future of the United States,” said Jorge Ramos from his office in Miami. “This nation needs to have a serious discussion about immigration reform. Millions of lives hang in the balance. Now is the moment to ensure everyone, Latino or not, knows the facts about this important debate.”

The date of the Jorge Ramos/Mamiverse Twitter-Talk is set to take place the day after President Obama delivers his States of the Union address, the first of his now second term. Having publicly stated that immigration reform is a priority his administration, the Twitter-Talk will enable discourse and reactions on the President’s speech and how Latinos can get involved in the debate.

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Since the signing of Arizona’s infamous SB1070, few topics have stoked more passionate debates than those surrounding our nation’s immigration policy. Inhumane, cruel, un-American, such are the words used to describe what everyone agrees is a broken system. Now, with Congress back in session and President Obama in the early days of his second term, Jorge Ramos outlines a clear argument for why the time to act is now, and why Latinos are the key to keeping America great.

Wednesday, February 13th 9:00-10:00 PM EST

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Jorge Ramos is one of the most celebrated journalists in the U.S., and was recently named to TIME magazine’s list of 25 Most Influential Hispanics in the United States. The Wall Street Journal refers to him as “Hispanic TV’s No. 1 correspondent.” A journalist since the 1980s, he has interviewed every sitting U.S. president since George Bush, Sr., and countless politicians, elected officials and newsmakers in the U.S. and abroad.

Mamiverse is honored to share the Twitter stage with this distinguished journalist and leading voice of Hispanic America. It’s a party you don’t want to miss!

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Jorge Ramos Rocks It on Colbert Report: And the Mainstream Learns a Thing or Two

Ok, Colbert, you are back in good graces with us. Any show that interviews Jorge Ramos is down with us.

By the way, listen to what Ramos has to say. He actually gave Colbert a lesson or two. We love it when Ramos crosses into the mainstream.


Jorge Ramos’ Exclusive Interview With Sheriff Joe Arpaio

Kudos to Al Punto for broadcasting the Jorge Ramos exclusive interview with the controversial sheriff Joe Arpaio, who claims he is not anti-immigrant and that Latinos "love" him. The full Engish transcripts and full video in Spanish can be found below.

JR: Sheriff Arpaio, thank you so much for talking to us again.

JA: Thank you.

JR:  I understand that you're going to release your own findings about President Barack Obama's birth certificate. Do you really believe that President Barack Obama is not an American? Why are you doing this?

JA:  You know, I've had 250 Tea Party come to my office wanting me to investigate that birth certificate. I'm the elected sheriff. I decided to do it. I have my cold case posse, volunteered ex-cops, lawyers — no cost to the taxpayers — so we have been working on this and on March 1, I will release our preliminary findings.

JR: What's your suspicion? I mean, President Barack Obama released on April 2011 his long-form birth certificate. What is it that you want to find out? You don't believe that he was born in Hawaii?

JA:   I'm not going to avoid your question. On the other hand, on March 1 I will present what evidence we have. I'm really investigating the birth certificate, which — not really the President — I want to see all the facts of that birth certificate.

JR:   But what's your motivation? Why are you doing this? Is there a political purpose for this? You're doing this right before the election you know that.

JA:   Well, that has nothing to do with it. This has been going on for three months. The people have come to me, my constituents, and asked me to look into it. I don't throw it in the wastebasket, so I'm looking into it. It's very simple. Maybe I can clear the President. We don't know.

JR:     Clear the President, for what?

JA:    Well, there's been a lot of controversy about whether he's a U.S. citizen; a controversy on the birth certificate itself.

JR:   Are you questioning that the President Barack Obama is a U.S. citizen? Are you really doing that?

JA:    I'm not saying that. We are looking at the birth certificate to see if it's valid and that's what our thrust is, with a few other questions we have and other matters regarding that situation.

JR:   All right, let's talk about politics and about the Republican candidates. I've been listening to them for the last few months and all of them sound like you when it comes to immigration. Do you feel vindicated?

JA: Well, I met with all of them in person in my office or on the campaign trail or by telephone. They all want my endorsement. I presume if they didn't like my fight against illegal immigration they wouldn't be asking for my endorsement. I'm not tall, dark and handsome so there must be a reason that they're asking me to support them.

JR:   What do you make of Romney's self-deportation policy. Do you think that could work?

JA:   Well, I don't know about that situation. Why wait for them to self — to leave the country? Why not enforce the laws here in the United States if they're here illegally and send them back to their country? What is this self-deportation have to do with it?

JR:  But how are you going to send back 11 million undocumented immigrants Sheriff Arpaio? That's completely unreasonable.

JA:  Well, we've done all right here. 

JR:   But not 11 million –

JA:   They said over — 100,000 –

JR:  – I mean, are you going to send them back by buses or airplanes? What's the plan?

JA:    – if every state did what I'm doing I think we wouldn't have a problem.

JR:   Are you still arresting, detaining undocumented immigrants in Arizona?

JA:  Yes, we are. We just arrested 31 more recently coming into our country illegally, arresting them. The majority we booked into our jail. We don't turn it over to ICE, and we're going to continue to raid businesses that hire illegals. The majority have false identification, so I'm not stopping doing my job.

JR:  But are you breaking the law? I mean, the Justice Department just banned you from being part of a federal partnership program that would have allowed your agents to become immigration officers, so aren't you breaking the law now by doing that?

JA: No, because we're enforcing state laws. They don't want me to enforce the federal laws. I don't have to. We're enforcing state laws.

JR: Did you say that it is political garbage not to arrest undocumented immigrants in this country?

JA: No, I said — I may have referred to the Justice Department investigation where they went public on a press conference without allowing me to know about it and accuse me of racial profiling. All I want is the facts from the Justice Department.  We're working together. I hope to get it resolved, but if not, we'll have to go to court, or they will go to court against me.

JR: But they have accused you of racial profiling, Sheriff Arpaio. They accused you of “a pervasive culture of discriminatory bias against Latinos” that “reaches the highest levels of the agency.” 

JA:  – That’s their opinion.

JR: — They are accusing you and your agents of targeting Latinos simply because the way they look and because of the way they talk.

JA: That's their allegations. Why didn't they come up with the facts and prove it to me? This is what? just a 22-page report that they put out accusing me. Why don't they come up and give me the facts, the proof? That's all I ask for.

JR: Well, I mean they've been investigating this for three years and they are simply saying that what you do is unconstitutional policy; that what you're doing is not constitutional; and that basically you are targeting Latinos and immigrants because of the way they look; that you have implemented racist policies.

JA: Well, you know — well, let me ask you. You talked about politics. They've been doing it for three years. Why are they cracking down with their press conference right now? Because it's politically — it's politics. That's what this is all about.  What took them so long?  Why are they doing a –

JR:   But it's not –

JA: — big press conference now?

JR:  It's not my opinion, Sheriff Arpaio. One hundred and six people have reported being victims of racial profiling in your county, where you are.

JA: I want — I want to know who the victims are, who's making these allegations, and put the facts on the table, and we'll work with them and try to correct any measures if there are any problems. But they're not giving us the information.

JR: Now, as you know, to many Latinos, Sheriff Arpaio, you are the face of racism and discrimination. You know that.

JA:   Well, I'm a pretty nice guy, having lived in Mexico City, South America, Texas and Arizona. I've never had any problems with a Latino. They love me.

JR:  They don't.

JA: — So just because I am enforcing the state laws –

JR: They don't.  They don't, Sheriff Arpaio.

JA:  – they don't like –

JR:  You're making fun of this, but –

JA:  No, they did.

JR: — but they don't love you.

JA:  No, I'm not making fun.

JR: Yes, because you are making fun –

JA:  Well, how do you know they don't?

JR:   You are making fun of the fact –

JA:  No.  How –

JR:– do you –

JA:  – do you know? How do you know?  How do you know they don't like me?  How do you know? There may be a small group of activists.

JR:  I've seen — I've seen many polls. I've spoken to many undocumented immigrants, and they are simply telling me this: that for them you are –

JA: Well, what polls?

JR: — the worst of America –

JA: I've got my own polls. 

JR: — the face of racism and discrimination.

JA:  Okay. All right. That's what they want to say. Then I'll tell you what, I'm going to tell you I'm going to continue to enforce the laws. If they don't like what I'm doing, get the laws changed in Washington or in the State of Arizona.

JR:  Let me give you an example.

JA:  Then I won't be enforcing the laws.

JR: Let me give you an example. You keep on calling them illegals, right?

JA:  Illegal aliens.

JR:  Okay. 

JA: That's what's the official –

JR: You call them illegal aliens.

JA: — connotation.

JR: Why don’t you call illegal –

JA: That's what — that's what they are.

JR: — all the American companies that hire them, who are also breaking the law? So that's a double standard. You call them illegal.

JA:   No.

JR: You don't do the same with American citizens. Why — why do you do that?

JA: Do it — I do it all the time, that so-and-so committed an illegal act. They committed murder. I use the word "illegal" in any crime. It doesn't matter whether it's fighting the drug or illegal immigration problem. 

JR: Are you for a fence? Do you think there should be a fence between Mexico and the United States?

JA: That's a good question. Of course, they can buy ladders to hop over it. What I want to do, I'm getting tired of politicians saying we must secure the border and then they say, “First, we'll do it first and then we'll look at the illegal immigration problem.”

JR:  So you think it's a good idea, again, to build a fence?

JA:  Well, I'll go for the fence on one condition, and that is when they hop the fence with their ladder that they go directly to jail. That's it. Don't send them back so they can get, you know, a fence that's higher. If they hop the fence, I want them to do time in jail, and then I will be for the fence.

JR:  And let me just finish with this. We've spoken twice, and I still can't understand why you keep on talking to us. Are you — why are you doing this? As you know, many people in the Hispanic community, many immigrants simply hate you.Why do you insist on talking to us?

JA: Well, I don’t –

JR: What's your agenda? What do you want to achieve by talking to us? I really appreciate it as a journalist, but why are you doing it?

JA: Because — because you called me. I didn't call you, and you are a fair, well-known reporter, well respected. So why — what do you think, I'm afraid to talk to you? I'm not afraid to talk to you or anybody else. I talk to everybody. I'm an equal opportunity guy. I don't back down for the media or anybody else.

JR: Sheriff Arpaio, thank you so much for talking to us, really.

JA:  Thank you.


Jorge Ramos Interview with Sheriff Joe Arpaio Gets Testy and Intense

UnivsionNews posted a teaser of what will surely be a very intense and heated interview this Sunday on Al Punto. Here is a video clip (in English) where Jorge Ramos interviews Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio.

In this segment, Arpaio says that he will reveal more information about President Obama's birth certificate on March 1 and tells Ramos that "Latinos love me." It gets heated as you can see.

Romney Tells Univision That He Is Not “Anti-Immigrant” and That Gingrich’s Tactics Are “Sad”

Today, Univision News held a GOP Candidates Forum in Miami. Both Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich had separate interviews with Jorge Ramos to discuss key issues in the upcoming Florida Republican Primary. According to Univision, highlights of both interviews will be aired on this Sunday's January 29 broadcast of "Al Unto" at 10 AM ET/PT and 9 AM CT. The network will also include highlights in Spanish on its Destino 2012 site

Earlier today Gingrich stated his stance on immigration with Ramos. Then it was Romney's turn. The first topic was about how a Gingrich as is labeling Romney as being "anti-immigrant." Here are segments of what he said, from Univision News' Tumblr page:

“It’s very sad for a candidate to resort to that sort of epithet. It’s just inappropriate. There are differences between candidates on different issues, but we don’t attack each other with those types of terrible terms.

Gingrich’s campaign said Tuesday he would pull the ad, which aired on Florida radio stations.

“I’m not anti-immigrant, I’m pro-immigrant. I like immigration. Immigration has been an extraordinary source of strength in this country, as I’m sure you know,” he added. 

“Immigrants form more businesses than do domestic-born Americans. The immigrant population in this country has created great vitality in our economy as well as in our culture.”

Romney also said the following when Ramos asked him about Gingrich's support of "self-deportation:"

“Actually, he was asked on the Laura Ingraham show whether he supported self-deportation and he said yes. And his spokesman also indicated, said that the speaker supports self-deportation, the concept of self-deportation. And so unfortunately for him these are things he’s already spoken out about and he’s spoken out about them in favor.”

He also suggested that Gingrich is pandering for the Florida Latino vote:

"I recognize that its very tempting to come out to an audience like this and pander to the audience and say what you hope the audience will want to hear, but frankly I think that’s unbecoming of a presidential candidate and I think that was a mistake on his part."

After stating his opposition to The DREAM Act, Romney addressed his campaign's worst secret: that his father was born in Mexico.

"I don’t think people would think I was being honest with them if I said I was Mexican-American”

Univision’s Jorge Ramos (True Rebelde) Grills Gingrich on DREAM Act, Immigration, and “Self-Deportation”

With a key Florida election coming up where the Hispanic vote will matter, Univision News published highlights from an interview between Jorge Ramos (one of our favorite Rebeldes) and Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich.

Here is an excerpt of what Univision News reported:

Asked by Ramos about the DREAM Act, the Democrats’ proposal to provide a path to citizenship for some undocumented children of immigrants who attend college or serve in the military, Gingrich reiterated his support for the military component, but not the scholastic one.


According to a new poll released this morning by ABC News and Univision, Gingrich, fresh off his resounding victory in last week’s South Carolina primary, trails Romney by a wide margin among Latino Republicans in Florida: 49 percent to 23 percent.


The advantage that Romney enjoys stems in large part from the support that the former Massachusetts governor receives from the sizable Cuban-American population here after he was bolstered by some key endorsements from Cuban-American lawmakers in Congress such as Rep. Ileana Ros-Lehtinen. Making matters worse for Gingrich, the former House Speaker is way behind Obama among Latinos nationwide in a hypothetical general election match-up with President Obama: 70 percent of the Latino vote would go to the president, compared to only 22 percent for Gingrich.

“You would lose the general election with these numbers,” Ramos told him.


“I think by the time we get to the fall campaign — we talked about values where the Latino community is far closer to me than they are to Obama, we talked about the failure to create jobs where the Latino community has a much greater concern than President Obama does, we talked about an effective Latin America policy where he’s clearly failed, we talked about Iranians and Ahmadinejad and the alliance with Chavez where the president has clearly failed, we talked about his failure in Cuba — I have a hunch that by this fall we may do better than any Republican except maybe Reagan,” replied Gingrich.

“My goal would be to break the majority,” he said.

Gingrich and Ramos also talked about Mitt Romney's idea that immigrations should practice "self-deportation." Here is a video clip (not from Univision News' YouTube channel) about that part of the interview.

Even though Gingrich has taken on a more moderate tone on immigration, he still favors the removal of federal lawsuits related to the current Arizona, South Carolina, and Alabama immigration laws. He also is against "birth tourism."

Today on @AlPunto and @Univision: Senator Bob Menendez Criticizes Mitt Romney’s Pledge to Veto the DREAM Act


The DNC's DemRapidResponse YouTube page posted an interview between New Jersey Senator Bob Menendez and Univision's Jorge Ramos on the channel's Al Punto program, where Menendez spend a great portion of the interview criticizing GOP candidate Mitt Romney for not approving the DREAM Act After Romney’s extreme promise to veto the DREAM Act, he went on to call it a “handout.”

Here is the video (in Spanish):

The Latino Dumbness Continues: Perry and Huntsman to Boycott Univision Debate

It is clear that the Florida GOP's call for a boycott of Univsion due to alleged claims that the country's fourth largest network had planned to spike a story about Florida Senator Marco Rubio's brother-in-law in return for an appearance on Al Punto has now misguided Republican candidates Rick Perry and John Hunstman.

Credit: REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst

The Miami Herald reported today that both Perry and Hunstman will not participate in Univision's January 2012 debate. As the article states:


“Governor Perry will not consider participating in the January 29, 2012, Univision debate until your network addresses this ethical breach and takes action to correct it,” Perry’s communications director, Ray Sullivan, wrote Univision on Tuesday.

“With NBC and Telemundo also hosting a debate the same weekend in January 2012, we will have ample opportunity to engage with Spanish-speaking Americans,” Perry wrote.

Huntsman’s campaign manager, Matt David, was more measured in his letter to Univision. But he said the candidate stands firm.

“Unless Univision resolves this issue in a timely and satisfactory manner, Governor Huntsman will not give consideration to your network’s debate currently proposed for January, 2012,” he wrote. “We ask the other Republican candidates to join us in this decision and will work with them to identify another forum to debate issues that are important to Americans of Hispanic descent in Florida and across our nation.”

All we can say is wow.

The short-sighted decisions by both Perry and Huntsman just prove that they don't get it. Univision is the country's fastest-growing television network, with a greater reach to US Latinos than other similar networks. By refusing to participate in the debate because of politics and a false sense of faith that Rubio has national appeal among US Latinos outside of Florida is a bad bad move.

The Republican Party is taking a very risky bet, thinking that US Latinos will actually agree with them when it comes to Univision. Like we said before, don't mess with our Sábado Gigante! We will not be surprised if this one will bite both Perry and Huntsman in their culitos. Guess Senator Rubio is the Latino Savior that Non-Latinos Love but the Vast Majority of US Latinos Do Not.

Who wins in this game of political ignorance? The President of the United States. President Obama was getting worried that US Latinos would be looking at other candidates, but it looks like they will come back, especially if the President makes some more Univision appearances.