Maybe Latinolandia's Favorite Anti-Latino comic Katt Williams will see this song or maybe he won't, but it is clear: some brown hip-hoppers will make sure Katt gets the message.

Major diss here.

Xavier University, Host to September 10 Katt Williams Show, Declines Interview

Xavier University, which is hosting the September 10 Katt Williams Show this Saturday, has "respectfully declined" our request for an interview to discuss the controversy surrounding Williams' Mexican Rant in Phoenix two weeks ago.

In an email sent to us, Xavier University Director of Public Relations Debora Del Valle said: "Hello, Thank you for the opportunity for an interview. We respectfully decline the offer."

Williams, who appeared on CNN this past weekend to address his Phoenix performance and said he was not sorry for his comments but that he was sorry for being "anti-Mexican," is still facing social media heat by Latino organizations around the country.

The Xavier show, which be held at the Cintas Center —the university's principal arena—, will begin at 8pm this Saturday.



Sí Se Puede TV Releases a Video Telling Katt Williams to Chill, Homie

Another video about the Katt Williams rant. 

Homie Mando P from Vallejo California speaking on how he feels after watching the Katt Williams show in Phoenix.

Our Response to the Weak Little Emailer Who Won’t Let Us Write Him Back

So, this morning, we got this email on our page:


From: cat williams jr <[email protected]>

Subject: cat williams boycott

Message Body:

During WWII , Japanese Americans who were even sent to camps unjustly, were given the chance to join the US army and fight japan and kill japanese. They did so , history has shown, at even higher kill ratios then white American units. I'm just wondering if we went to war against mexico , would you , as so called Americans fight like they did for their country??????we know you root for mexico during US/mexico soccer matches. We know you have been known to piss in ziplock bags and throw them on US players. And we know that is the pervasive attitude of mexicans that Cal, ARI, NM and TEX ARE mexico. So , would you fight mexico if need bE? I'm sure and hope we never have to , but ask yourself and tell the truth , R U. Really Americans. Or are you just here for the opportunity?? Do you love or history ,culture and language?? Why do so many not want to learn them??? ( Japanese Americans did ) tell the truth. This is a real question. Would U fight & die in a war against mexico to preserve American culture??????   

Our reply was as follows:


Yes, we would! GOD BLESS AMERICA.

BTW, that is not the point, the point is that Williams ridiculed some guy for 7 minutes (not saying the guy was right) on a stage with security behind him. That was not comedy, that was a punk move. And by the way, we are US SOCCER FANS!!!! We can't fucking stand Chicharito. 

Give it up with your weak defense of Katt. The reality is that he screwed up and if he had any Christian humility (which he claims to be but instead he has let his ego take over his head) he would REALLY DO SOMETHING RIGHT. Let's hope so.


Los rebeldes

PS What is you real name? Do you know Katt, are you Katt or are you hiding behind an email since it is easier to attack someone anonymously?


Then when we set our reply, we got this back from HotMail:

"Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently:

[email protected]

Technical details of permanent failure: 

Google tried to deliver your message, but it was rejected by the recipient domain. We recommend contacting the other email provider for further information about the cause of this error. The error that the other server returned was: 550 550 Requested action not taken: mailbox unavailable (state 14)."

Katt Williams Tells CNN That He Did Not Apologize for His Mexican Rant in Phoenix

Katt Williams appeared this morning on CNN and basically, he said that he is not anti-Mexican and admitted that he won't apologize for his 7-minute rant.

So here it is. What do you think?

The Rebels Interview the Young Mexican Woman Who Schooled Katt Williams on YouTube

So, Katt Williams, you probably got the wrong woman upset over your dumb anti-Mexican, anti-Latino commments.

The moment we saw the following video, we knew that we HAD to speak to this young Mexican woman, who basically schooled Latinolandia's Favorite Comic, Katt Williams.

After 23,000 views, we had a chance to talk to Citlalli Citlalmina Anahuac, who is heavily involved with Mexica-Movement. We spoke to her this week, just a few days after Williams's rant.


The Katt Williams Controversy and Why Some US Latinos Are Defending Him

Maybe US Latinos should thank Katt Williams for his 7-minute Mexican rant in Phoenix last week since it had raised some very interesting issues regarding the complexities of being a US Latino in the 21st century.

Hector Luis Alamo, Jr

The latest debate has now shifted to Hispanically Speaking News, which published a post on August 31 by Hector Luis Alamo, Jr., that led to another comment of protest on September 1 by Jerómino Blanco, National Commander of the Brown Berets.

Here is a just a sampling of what Alamo wrote on August 31:


When I thought about what Katt was actually saying, at least in the video, I realized that I agreed with most of it, if not all of it. In fact, what he said on stage reminds me of an argument I once had with a couple close friends.

I’m a first-generation American, the son of a Honduran mother and a Puerto Rican father. The two friends I argued with are Mexican immigrants, and on the heels of a recent trip to their homeland, they were explaining how much better it would be to live in Mexico than in the United States. As someone who is proud of my heritage but prouder of the places I physically come from, I told them that if they truly felt that way, then they should live in Mexico. They told me that they were waiting to get a proper education and amass a small fortune. This, of course, angered me even further.

I asked them how they could talk so poorly of a country that their parents had sacrificed so much in bringing them to. I asked them how they could badmouth America while planning to receive their educations and earn their livings here. That seems like dissing your own girlfriend: if you think she’s so terrible and you have someone better in mind, then why are you still with her?

Personally, I wave the Puerto Rican flag during the annual celebrations and sport my Honduran jersey whenever there’s a good soccer game on TV, but I consider myself an American first and foremost. My allegiance is to the red-white-and-blue, and it’s unthinkable to me that an immigrant to this country should feel and act otherwise.

I think that’s what Katt was trying to say on Saturday, although he said it like a belligerent idiot. Still, he wasn’t being a racist, just acting like one.

As a citizen or not, a person in the United States has the right to wave whichever flag they please, but it takes real chutzpah to claim a love for any foreign land and its flag over this boundless nation and its Star-Spangled Banner. This may not be the land that birthed you, but it’s still the land that received you and put food in your belly and rights in your back pocket.

I know I’ll get a lot of flak from my fellow Latinos who think that Katt’s performance on Saturday will only embolden the Tea Party movement and other right-wing kooks. (Do they even need encouragement?) I really don’t care. There are likely a few undocumented immigrants who agree with Katt.

This is America: either love her or leave her.


Jeronimo Blanco

Blanco replied with the following on September 1:

I am the National Commander of the Brown Beret National Organization. We have been fighting against racial discrimination towards people of Mexican descent in the U.S. since 1967. I am writing you this in protest against Hector Luis Alamo’s article agreeing with “comedian” Katt Williams racial rant against Mexicans in the U.S. because it shows him to be racist towards our people. 

By agreeing with him, Hector Luis Alamo, though a Latino himself but not of Mexican descent, shows his also racist attitude toward our people and should not be employed by you or any other public venue. 

Please consider this. If something is not done about Hector and his racist beliefs, We will organize protest at your front doorsteps.

Please feel free to contact me should you want additional information.

Jeronimo Blanco


Alamo then with some points to Blanco that are basically summarized as follows:


In closing, Katt Williams’ comments this past weekend were not racist in the least, only nationalistic; and nationalistic in the most reasonable form. I do not think it is wrong of any American to expect that the people who immigrate here will pledge their unfettered love and energy to this great project called “America.”

For any immigrant to pledge their affinity and allegiance to a foreign country is simply wrong.

So what do you think? What does this whole issue mean to you?

VIDEO: CNN En Español @CNNEE cubre la controversia de Katt Williams

Hoy CNN En Español incluyó la controversia del comendiante Katt Williams y los insultos sobre mexicanos que Williams lanzó durante su show en Phoenix este fin de semana. 

Este el segmento que hizo CNN En Español (@CNNEE en Twitter).

After Issuing Apology, Most of Our Readers Think Katt Williams is Lame

This morning, CNN reported that comedian Katt Williams, whose seven-minute Mexican rant at a show in Phoenix last weekend has sparked a social media uproar demanding apologies and boycotts, had issued a statement apologizing for his actions.

This is what he said:


My remarks were not meant to be offensive. I want to apologize if my comedy act was taken out of context. I sincerely appreciate my fans within the Mexican community and would never intentionally go out of my way to offend them.

We asked our readers what they thought about the apology, both on our Facebook and Twitter pages. The response was overwhelmingly clear: Katt Williams has one bad public relations person. Lame.

Here is just a sampling of our reader comments:

Anybody can say I'm sorry. His apology is BS. His words were not comedy they cut deep….they were words of an ignorant Racist!! So no his so called apology means nothing to me!!!!

If it's the same apology that said he was taken out of context, with no explanation attached, then no, he definetely didn't mean it. If anything this supposed apology is just as bad as the original offense because he's saying that we're not worth giving a sincere apology

Interesting how 1st he apologizes for the inconvenience, not the humiliation 2nd he says he is sorry it was taken out of context <- implying he is not sorry. Is he really sorry or he just doesn't get it. But you know what, we can't force people to change, at least he felt the pressure and had to give the face. Well done :)

That apology is a smack in the face. It's not a real apology.. Keep the heat turned up until he goes on YouTube and admits what he said was wrong and ask for forgiveness. If not, not only Mexicans will not support him, but ALL Latin Americans won't!!!!!

It would be nice if he would do research and then write a paper about the genocide and native slavery in the New World.

it hurts me alot up to this very day any losing my brother. Katy Williams should be grateful for ALL Mexican Americans who lost their lives for him. Bastard.

I would take his apology with a grain of salt, he meant every word. He is stupid.

Yea its garbage





Katt Williams Apologizes for his Mexican Rant at Phoenix Show

CNN reported earlier this morning at 4:46 AM EST that comedian Katt Williams, who has faced a social media heat storm for his 7-minute Mexican rant at a Phoenix show this last week, has issued an apology for his actions.

"My remarks were not meant to be offensive," Williams said. "I want to apologize if my comedy act was taken out of context."

"I sincerely appreciate my fans within the Mexican community and would never intentionally go out of my way to offend them," he added.