Editor’s Note: This post was originally published on the official blog of the Hispanic Organization of Latin Actors (HOLA). HOLA has granted us permission to post.


A common complaint is that Latinos don’t see themselves enough in film and television. (Or if we are on television and film screens, the images of ourselves can be quite limiting.)

Another concern often brought up is that mainstream U.S. producers do not know how to market to Latinos. (Will Mexican Americans see a film about a Caribbean Latino in New York? Will a Caribbean Latino in New York see a movie about Chicanos in the Southwest?)

Yet another common remark is that once a Latino project is presented to Latinos, Latinos don’t watch it on television, nor pay for tickets at the movie theater nor support in any other way.

Well, there are ways to remedy some of these issues, and that is simply by supporting Latino work–go see that independent film by a Latino director, or that story that doesn’t show Latinos in a stereotypical way. Go see the television shows with Latino cast members in it and the handful of television series about Latinos (even if they turn out to not be great, at least take the time to see the first couple of episodes). And if it is a webseries, get online and see it on your computer or smartphone. Buy tickets and attend theater written by Latinos, directed by Latinos and/or produced by Latinos. Buy that novel by a Latino author (perhaps he/she may already have a Pulitzer on his/her mantel).

And now with the advent of social media, there is another, extremely easy way to support Latino work. Whenever you are tweeting or posting about a Latino project just add the phrase “#SupportLatinoWork.” Imagine if thousands (or tens or hundreds of thousands or more) use this hashtag so that #SupportLatinoWork becomes a trending topic.

By adding this hashtag, you can…

  • Show your support for a Latino project via simple promotion
  • Tell the “powers-that-be” can better know what we like and market to us accordingly
  • Unify the Latino consumer so that we can transform our growing numbers into purchasing power
  • Proclaim that “Latino work” (work that reflects Latinos in ways based on reality and not simply stereotypes) is something you as a consumer like and want more of in the near future.

With projects like Gun Hill Road200 CartasBless Me ÚltimaMiss BalaMosquita y Mari and Instructions Not Included either racking up awards at film festivals and/or even breaking records at the box office; and television shows such as “The George López Show” and “Ugly Betty” being successful and creating a cultural impact in the U.S., OUR VOICES CAN AND NEED TO BE HEARD.

And perhaps #SupportLatinoWork can be a clarion call, a simple way Latinos can stand up and say, “¡Presente!” to the mainstream powers that be (even if we do it sitting down at our computers and typing it on our keyboards).

If you want to see more non-stereotypical images of Latinos in the media, if you want to be able to know when and where Latino stories are being presented in film and television, if you want to see YOU on film, television and new media, it’s the least you can do.


Latino Rebels Earn Four #Latism13 “Best in Social Media” Nominations

This weekend Latinos in Social Media announced its finalists for the 2013 Latism awards. Latino Rebels earned an unprecedent four nominations in the following categories:

Latino Rebel

  • Best Digital News: LatinoRebels.com
  • Best Political Blog: LatinoRebels.com
  • Best Lifestyle Blog: Bella Vida Letty, one of the original Rebeldes
  • Best Social Network Leader: Julio Ricardo Varela, founder of LatinoRebels.com

“On behalf of all the Rebeldes, I want to thank all of you who nominated us,” Varela said. “We are honored to be mentioned in the same category as pages such as NBC Latino, HuffPost Latino Voices, and Buzzfeed. We are all thrilled to be in a political category with friends Lalo Alcaraz, The Wise Latina Club, and Viva La Feminista. Of course, Letty is the best, and her nomination is richly deserved. I am also humbled by the Social Network Leader nomination. I was one of Latism’s earlier supporters, and it is amazing to see the organization continue to thrive. The Latino Rebels will always be a strong supporter of the original Latino social media community.”

You can vote for the Rebeldes and all the other great choices here. Voting ends at midnight (EST) on Thursday, September 5, 2013. Winners will be announced on Friday, September 20, 2013 during the LATISM’13 Gala.

10 Analytics Facts About LatinoRebels.com

Before we start 2013 with new stories and new directions, we here at Latino Rebels wanted to get geeky for a second. This post is all about analytics, and the 10 Analytics Facts about LatinoRebels.com, our main content portal.


  1. When compared to 2011, in 2012 LatinoRebels.com saw a 921% increase in visits, a 835% increase in unique visitors, and a 945% increase in total pageviews.
  2. December 2012 was our most successful month ever, with 118,908 pageviews.
  3. From May 5, 2011 (the day we went live) to December 31, 2012, we have surpassed 530,000 unique visitors, 677,000 visits and 940,000 pageviews. These are all human visits. We have already surpassed over 1 million pageviews, if you take into account the bots.
  4. We have published 1,759 posts since May 5, 2011 (including this one). Our most popular post is a bilingual version of the Declaration of Independence. We posted it on July 4, 2012. It has already gotten over 20,000 hits.
  5. 17% of our total lifetime traffic comes from outside the United States. Our content has been read in over 200 countries. In 2012, 20% of our 2012 traffic was from outside the United States.
  6. 31% of our visits come from mobile devices and tablets.
  7. We now have a recordable Alexa ranking… in India. Our current Alexa US and global rankings put us in front of almost all independent Latino media and cultural sites. We were behind all of them at the beginning of 2012. We are no longer behind them.
  8. 32% of our traffic comes from organic search. 12% of our traffic is direct traffic, meaning that once someones reads a story on LatinoRebels.com, they will directly visit another story.
  9. Our top five search tearms are “neymar,” “chihuahua,” “declaration of independence text,” “latino rebels,” and “salina death 17th anniversary.”
  10. The remaining 56% of our traffic comes from other referral sources, with Facebook accounting for 72% of that referral traffic.

VIDEO: Our #LATISM12 Presentation Video for the New Media Panel

Tomorrow at the Latinos in Social Media Conference, our own Tony Vargas will be part of a New Latino Media panel with NBC Latino's Adrian Carasquillo, Impacto's Vanessa Smith, and Impremedia's Isaac Vázquez. The panel will be moderated by Lynn Ponder of Web City Girls, and will focus on how the digital journalism space is changing and changing quickly. By the way, the event witll be live streamed on the LATISM site and you can also tweet Lynn any questions for the panel.

We sent Tony down to Houston with a new presentation video that tells people a little more about what we have been doing in 2012. Music is by La Plebe, one of our favorite bands around.

The Rebels’ Voters Guide to the #LATISM2012 Best in Social Media Awards

So, this week, Latinos in Social Media (#Latism)—the original and largest online organization of Latinos in the digital space—is holding its annual conference. This year it will be held in Houston, and many of the Rebeldes will be there, including our very own Tony Vargas, who will be on a very cool New Latino Media panel with NBC Latino's Adrian Carasquillo, Impacto's Vanessa Smith, and Impremedia's Isaac Vázquez. The panel will be moderated by Lynn Ponder of Web City Girls, and focus on how the digital journalism space is changing and changing quickly.



In the meantime, we are honored to have received three Latism 2012 nominations for the Best in Social Media in the Latino space. Our founder @julito77 is representing the Rebels under Best Latin@ Activist Blog with the great @angrylatino and @veronicaeye. Julito is also nominated as Best Latin@ Microblogger with two Latino Social Media Legends: @ergeekgoddess and @urbanjibaro. In addition, our very own @BellaVidaLetty, one of our strongest contributors, made the final cut for Best Latin@ Art Blogger along with @theartmuse and @craftychica. It is a great group of people, and we are honored that two Rebeldes are part of this select group. Of course, we are really rooting for Julito and Letty, so if you agree, please vote for them here, but we have to say that all of the eight names listed here are worthy of the honor. We are just thrilled that the online community thought of the Rebeldes in the nominations.

In the meantime, many of the Rebeldes are voting and we decided to share some of our top choices and our own voter's guide, in case you are wondering. You can vote for all the choices here and just being nominated is an amazing feat and recognition for all the accomplishments being achieved each and every day in the Latino social media space. All the people and pages listed were chosen from thousands of entries.

Here are are choices (and some of these are REALLY TOUGH, like REALLY TOUGH) and we just wanted to share them with people:

First of all, we have a WRITE-IN VOTE@rscspokenword in the Best Peruvian Spoken Word Artist from Minnesota.

Best Parenting Blogger: It is @theonlinemom because Mónica has been a great supporter of the Rebeldes from day one. Although this is a TOUGH CATEGORY since SpanglishBaby and Growing up Blackxican are both amazing sites as well.

Best Lifestyle Blogger: Ana Lydia Monaco of Latina Lifestyle Bloggers. We just LOVE their style because when we read their mission statement a long time ago, "We celebrate and engage Latina Bloggers that don’t fit under the umbrella mom blogger / mami blogger category," we were like YES, sign us up!

Best Business Blogger:  Juan Tonroe of Hispanic Trending. We are loyal readers of one the best blogs about Hispanic business, media, and marketing. But is is great to see our dear friend @JulieDiazAsper, one of LATISM's early supporters. Man, this is tough.

Best Latin@ Tech Blogger: Gustavo Franceschini of IOS Post. Gustavo is one of the best bloggers in Puerto Rico today. Yes, Puerto Rican blogger from the island getting recognized! About time!

Best Bilingual Blogger: We have always been big fans of Los Rodríguez Life because it is wicked cool to see a couple blogging.

Best Latin@ Health Blogger: Can we vote for all three? We are going with Laurita, but if we can vote two more times it would be for Jessica AND Lisa. Please please please let there be a three-way tie?

Best Latin@ Education Blogger: Can we vote three times again? This is getting hard because Eileen, Mónica, and José all are great people and run great pages.

Best Latin@ Education Blogger: Another tough one between two choices we follow and read online and via Twitter. Lili Gil, she of the countless national TV appearances, is a dear dear friend of ours. Lili has contributed to our page in the past when she interviewed Buddy Roemer, so that is the tiebreaker between her and Adriana Maestas of Politic365, which quite frankly is one of the coolest politics sites ever.

Best Latin@ Inspirational Blogger: We have to choose Lisann Valentín of Her Deep Thoughts because she is so #WOW but Vicki is also amazing and so is Eliana. So we are going to be like a Chicago election and find a way to vote three times. Shhh.

Best Latin@ Fashion Blogger: Our choice is Be Chic Mag because they were one of the first ones we saw on LATISM a looong time ago and they have been early supporters of Latism as well.

Best Latin@ Food Blogger: We don't read food blogs, but we will now! ¡Qué rico!

Best Latin@ Frugal Blogger: We have known Yolanda Mason a for while now and she was another early supporter of LATISM, so she is our choice.

Best Latin@ Vlogger: There is Mike Robles, Mike Robles, and Mike Robles. Not only is Mike hilarious, he was a Day 1 supporter of the Rebels, so we are voting for him. No Grito de Queso for Mikey!

Best Latin@ Social Network Leader: All tough choices but we are going with Latina Lifestyle Bloggers. They just do it differently and with real authenticity. We actually get inspired by them.

Best Marketing/PR Firm Using Social Media to Reach Out to Latin@s: We have no clue.

Best Company Using Social Media to Target Latin@s: None of the brands listed here have shown us anything that made us get excited, so we are passing on this category. Can we do a write-on for Jarritos?

Best Health Advocate reaching Latin@s Through Social Media: We don’t know, so we won’t vote.

Best Education Advocate Helping Latin@s Through Social Media: We love what New Futuro has done, but Es el momento has used the power of Univision and social networks to get the word out across many many platforms. (And our boss did work with them, so EEM is our choice.) Ok, we will just vote twice somehow.

Best Not-for-Profit Using Social Media to Reach Latin@: Even we though we are HUGE fans of Voto Latino and they always show us the love, we are going to choose NALEO because we are running our of their voter registration banners on our site and this is our way of just saying thanks. But since this is all about getting the vote, on second thought, we will vote twice on this one as well.

Best Politician Using Social Media to Reach Latinos: Sure, Senator Marco Rubio might be the safe choice, but have you guys seen what Julián Castro has done the last few months in the Twittersphere? The kid is a rockstar.

Best Multicultural Mobile Campaign: We have no clue and we are just going to pass. It’s probably best that we pass on multicultural mobile campaigns. 

Best Latin@ Journalist Covering Latino Issues in Social Media: Yeah we know Jorge Ramos is da bomb, but Soledad O’Brien is a Twitter Reina and she follows us. And Soledad also takes the time to engage her Twitter followers as well. Sorry, Jorge, you are still a Rebelde, but Soledad is a Twitter Rebelde.

Best Digital News Covering Latino Issues: We love the people at VOXXI. A lot. Like a real lot. And the group at Fox News Latino has covered some of our stories, but we are going to have to say NBC Latino since they are exploding this year out of the gate and we would have said that even before our boss became a contributor for them this. Although if you like, write us in! Come on, do it! ¡Rebeldes! But seriously, imagine: three English-language Latino media sites. Always a good thing.

Best Latin@ Tech Entrepreneur: Eduardo González Loumiet was one of our earliest supporters, and he has continued to check in on us and cheer us on. So, gracias, Eduardo, you get our vote. Although we have to mention Alex Torrenegra. He's the Voice Bunny page, and that is a cool page. Maybe a two-vote choice here.

Best Incubator Advancing the Latin@ Tech Startups: We are sure all the choices are good ones, but we don’t know any of them. Guess we are too busy incubating ourselves.

Best Organization Supporting Latin@ Tech Startups: We are going with Google, because without Google, none of us would be here.


Latino Rebels Proud to Promote “Walk-N-Roll Twitter Party for Spina Bifida”

NOTE: As part of our media sponsorship tasks, which we are volunteering our time to, we are running the following promotion piece that was written for the ""Walk-N-Roll Twitter Party for Spina Bifida." We want to thank the event organizers for creating this very informative docunment and we are really proud to be involved.

Laura Tellado, known as Laurita by her friends, was born with Spina Bifida in Puerto Rico in 1986 with myelomeningocele, the severest form of spina bifida. In 1990, her family moved to Orlando, Florida in order to give her the best possible care. Now, as an adult, Laura is a full-time advocate for Spina Bifida, working to bring a public voice to the cause. As a 22-year member of the Spina Bifida Association of Central Florida, she's doing her part to shed light on this condition by raising money for the Walk-N-Roll for Spina Bifida.

Laura has enlisted us and a host of other communities and organizations to help her to raise money online for Team Holdin’ Out for a Hero until October 27th, when the Walk-N-Roll event will occur. 

Donations can be as small as $5 or as large as $50,000.

Every cent counts and every dollar will go towards supporting families affected by spina bifida in 22 counties in and around the Central Florida region and supporting educational and awareness efforts. Spina bifida can seem like a daunting challenge for many families, but there is power in numbers and strength in awareness! Join us for a fun and powerful Twitter Party devoted to raising money and awareness for a cause!





Facts about Spina Bifida

FACT: Each year, about 1,500 babies are born with spina bifida. FACT: Hispanic women have the highest rate of having a child affected by spina bifida compared with Non-Hispanic White and Non-Hispanic Black women:

  • Hispanic:  4.17 per 10,000
  • Non-Hispanic Black or African-American:  2.64 per10,000
  • Non-Hispanic White:  3.22 per 10,000

FACT: Spina bifida is more common than muscular dystrophy, multiple sclerosis, and cystic fibrosis combined. According to the Spina Bifida Association of America, “spina bifida remains the most commonly occurring birth defect in this country.” FACT: Doctors recommend that every woman of childbearing age consume 400 micrograms of folic acid daily to help prevent neural tube defects like spina bifida up to 70 percent of the time. In spite of this, there are currently an estimated 166,000 people in the U.S. living with spina bifida–up from just 76,000 just last year.

Resources about Spina Bifida

¡VIVA VIERNES! “Ingrata” de Café Tacvba

Todos a cantar….


No me digas que me quierrrrrrrrressssss….

One of Our Favorite Authors and Rebeldes @Urrealism Chats with Bill Moyers

Yes, we love Luis Alberto Urrea (whom we have gotten to know extremely well on Twitter as @urrealism). Last Friday, Luis Alberto was on Moyers and Company. The topic? "Between Two Words —Life on the Border." Not only is Luis Alberto an amazing writer and author of the classic The Devil's Highway (and other novels), he is a true Rebelde. You can read more about Luis Alberto here. He is required reader for a any true #librotraficante.

From billmoyers.com

Here is the full interview with Moyers. Tomorrow May 8 at 1pm EST, Luis Alberto will have a live chat with Moyers and the online world. Submit your questions here.

The Latino Rebels’ Top 5 Posts of Our First Year: “Gracias, Shaq”

As we celebrate our first year today, we wanted to list our top 5 posts in terms of visits and hits. Here we go.

Post #5: On the 17th Anniversary of Her Death, We Share Our Favorite Selena Songs

We posted this piece on March 31, 2012. In 24 hours, it got over 4,000 hots. Selena still resonates with people. No surprise there.

Post #4: Comedian Katt Williams Lashes Insults at Mexicans During Phoenix Show

We first posted this story on August 29, 2011. It was one of the first stories we did that got a ton of reaction. In fact, we still get hits even now. Overall, the piece has gotten over 4,500 hits. And Katt Williams is still a tool.

Post #3: VIDEO OF THE DAY (July, 3 2011): CYPRESS HILL and “Insane in the Membrane”

We posted this video link on July 3 because we LOVE Cypress Hill. Looks like others do as well. 6,032 hits as of today, and it keeps going and going.

Post #2: As Fast As It Went Viral, the #StopKony and #Kony2012 Questions Begin to Emerge

This post was published on March 9, 2012, just a day after the Kony 2012 viral phenomenon. We started asking questions about the campaign, and this post was shared around the globe. Over 8,400 hits since then.

Post #1: La Nueva 94 Reports that Shaquille O’Neal Insults Puerto Rico At All-Star Game Weekend

We reported this story on February 27, 2012, and since then it has gotten over 10,300 hits. We continue to ask Shaq for comment, since it is clear from us that he did crap on Puerto Rico that night. He doesn't want to speak to us. That's cool. We'll keep asking.


One Year Later, latinorebels.com Goes Global with over 415K Pageviews and 230K Uniques

One year ago today, we formed LatinoRebels.com and our mission was clear: 

The Latino Rebels are a group of committed Latino activists, authors, bloggers, comedians, artists, filmmakers, and social media influentials who use satire, comedy, analysis, video interviews, writings, films, and just plain trouble-making to educate people about the life of the US Latino in the 21st century. Through our content, we will expose those so-called patriots who are quick to use ignorance and hate to spread lies about Latinos living in the United States. We will kill stereotypes with humor, insight, compassion and maybe a loud GRITO DE QUESO. We welcome all input, from the good and the bad. But remember, once you are with the Latino Rebels, the ride will be a bumpy one. ¡ORALE! ¡WEPA! ¡COÑO!

It looks like our message has gotten attention, as our latest Google Analytics show. As of this morning, this page has gotten over 417,000 pageviews, 230,000 unique visitors, and over 292,000 visits. We have gone from a page that got just a handful of visits in its first month to a monthly average that puts us around 75,000 hits per month now. We are on pace to achieve over 900,000 pageviews and 500,000 uniques in 2012 alone. Yes, 1 million pageviews are within our reach.

Alexa, just one of the web's many ranking tools, but one that is used by many companies and brands, currently ranks us today as 169,350 in the world and 35,903 in the United States. Considering the millions and millions of web pages out there, we will take it. And to all who took the time to visit our page this year, ¡GRACIAS!