Minnesota Voter ID Page Takes Down Racist Image—Now Revised Image Craps on Canada

Yesterday we reported that WeWantVoterId.Com was displaying blatantly racist imagery on their web site. This is what they posted:

Well, today the site changed the image. Ok, don't blame the Mexicans and the Black convicts. Blame the Canadians!

And instead of being a bit classy about it, they still have to get on the bash the PC police. Racist images matter. Maybe if you were more serious about your cause and less idiotic, you might actually have people pay attention. But they won't, because you are a bunch of Tea Party Racists, Straight Up.


Minnesota Voter ID Site Utilizes Blatantly Racist Images on Its Site to Push for Voter ID Law

Is there something in the water these days? Have we really regressed as a country? Looks like it. Today's Racist Stereotype Example comes from Minnesota, where a Tea Party-backed Voter ID page is using the following image on its page:


Yes, next to the ghost and the zombie and the superhero is a guy in a Mexican outfit with a big blue sombrero, who is waiting behind a Black man in a prisoner's outfit.

The copy on the site says the following:

Making It EASIER To Vote And HARDER To Cheat

Photographic voter identification — a proposal whose time has finally come in Minnesota. Polls consistently show that a super-majority of Minnesota voters support Voter ID. But the bill that would make this provision a law has been repeatedly blocked in the Minnesota state legislature. The 2010 election changed the composition of the state legislature such that Voter ID now has a real possibility of becoming law.

This site provides a variety of resources to help Minnesotans learn more about the proposed legislation and to become advocates for passing the Voter ID. Let’s work together to improve the integrity of Minnesota’s elections by making Voter ID the law of the land in Minnesota.

Want to know more about the group? Here you go:

About Us

WeWantVoterID.com is maintained by Minnesota Majority with support from the Minnesota Voters Alliance,  the Minnesota Freedom Council, the Minnesota North Star Tea Party Patriots, various other Tea Party groups and concerned citizens from across the state.

Please use the form below to submit a comment or question.

Yeah, we have a question. Why are you guys so f-ing racist?


Yes, @MSGsportsNYC and @ESPN, You Need to Stop The Racist Asian Stereotypes of Jeremy Lin

The Jeremy Lin story is still going strong, some stay too strong, but nonetheless the world is still captivated by Lin's amazing performance, one of the greatest initial starts in the history of the NBA. Even though Lin and the New York Knicks lost last night to the Charlotte Hornets to snap a seven-game winning streak, #Linsanity shows no signs of stopping.

Now if only the mainstream media could focus on why people so into Lin these and less on his ethnicity. Because from the looks of this week, the marketing geniuses behind the sports media just don't get it.

Exhibit A: ESPN, which has been all over the Lin story. Maybe, they need to take a pause.

As reported by Guyism.Com this morning, the following image appeared on ESPN.com early Saturday morning:

Here is what appeared on SportsCenter last night:

ESPN immediately responded, but not before someone could take a screen shot. This was the statement issued by ESPN:

Last night, ESPN.com's mobile web site posted an offensive headline referencing Jeremy Lin at 2:30 am. The headline was removed at 3:05 am. We are conducting a complete review of our cross-platform editorial procedures and are determining appropriate disciplinary action to ensure this does not happen again. We regret and apologize for this mistake.

Yes, ESPN, that was unfortunate but at the same time, it might be best to THINK before you WRITE. Even if the writer thought of the line, it is amazing to see that NO ONE, not the producer, not the editor, not the anchor, questioned the line. Learn your lesson, and move on. But in the end, stop the silly Lin puns. Just focus on Lin as a player.
Exhibit B: MSG, which is the official network of the New York Knicks. This week, during the telecast of a Knicks game, the following image was broadcast:

This image is so wrong on so many levels. Can you imagine a photo of Amar'e Stoudemire jumping out of a fried chicken? Or Carmelo Anthony (half Puerto Rican) hovering over a plantain? MSG tweeted the following on Thursday morning, the day after the image was broadcast:

What appeared briefly last night was not an MSG graphic, it was one of many fan signs in the arena

It is interesting to note that MSG's official Twitter feed no longer contains that tweet, which is another social media #fail. Nonetheless, here is hoping that MSG and its producers got the message. The stereotypes of Lin as the Amazing Asian need to stop.