Gov. Perry: Senator Davis “Teenager Mother Herself” Who “Hasn’t Learned From Her Own Example”

This came from Think Progress. Here is what Texas governor Rick Perry had to say about Texas state senator Wendy Davis “during a speech at the National Right To Life conference on Thursday, arguing that the state senator who filibustered for 13 hours to defeat an omnibus anti-abortion bill should have learned from her own life experiences as a single mother to value ‘every life.’”


Who are we to say that children born into the worst of circumstances can’t grow to live successful lives? In fact, even the woman who filibustered the Senate the other day was born into difficult circumstances. She was the daughter of a single woman, she was a teenage mother herself. She managed to eventually graduate from Harvard Law School and serve in the Texas senate. It is just unfortunate that she hasn’t learned from her own example that every life must be given a chance to realize its full potential and that every life matters.

Texas Governor Rick Perry Drops Out of GOP Race and Will Endorse Gingrich

UPDATE 12:15 EST from Politico:

"This mission is greater than any one man," Perry said at a South Carolina press conference announcing the decision. Perry immediately endorsed Newt Gingrich, calling him "a conservative visionary who can transform our country."

While one Rick is winning this morning, another Rick is out. Texas Governor Rick Perry will announce this morning at 11 AM EST that he will no longer run for the Republican presidential campaign and will endorse Newt Gingrich. As reported by USA TODAY:

Texas Gov. Rick Perry will end his campaign for the GOP nomination, USA TODAY has confirmed.

AP is reporting that Perry will endorse Newt Gingrich at an 11 a.m. ET news conference.

The Texas governor has been lagging in national and South Carolina polls, and has been battling with Gingrich and Rick Santorum for votes among social conservatives and evangelical voters.

A source with direct knowledge of Perry's decision to end his presidential campaign confirmed that news to USA TODAY. The source declined to be identified ahead of Perry's news conference.

Perry entered the race in August and was seen as the immediate front-runner, garnering 35% support in polls. His campaign will likely go down as one of the least successful in modern American politics, as he failed to craft a clear conservative message. Many of his gaffes became YouTube sensations and this page added its fair coverage of Perry, especially the following ones:


National GOP Group Calls on Rick Perry to Quit Race for President


SNL’s Bill Hader Triumphs Again with Rick Perry Debate Fumble


Rick Perry’s Hunting Ranch Controversy Drags Race Back Into the Spotlight


Governor Rick Perry Says US Military May Be Involved in Mexican Drug War


I’m Rick Perry, Mofo: Best Perry Rap Ever


Hit, Mr. Mercury.

Romeny Responds to Gingrich and Perry, the New Champions of #OWS

Hey, if someone is going to crap on you, you hit back. So it is no surprise that after both Newt Gingrich and Rick Perry started painting Romney as a "vulture capitalist" that would fall in line with the agenda of the #OWS movement, Romney wouldn't stay silent.

Here is what the Romney campaign is running right now in South Carolina:

This is what the Romney campaign is saying:

"We expected the Obama administration to put free markets on trial," the ad says. "But as The Wall Street Journal said, 'Mr. Romney’s GOP opponents are embarrassing themselves by taking the Obama line.'"

As for the now infamous ads and documentary that Gingrich's PAC is running about Romney and his corporate raider ways, this link from The Washington Post provides an excellent analysis of the facts.

Who knows where this GOP Frat War will go, but it is clear that the Obama 2012 campaign is watching and taking notes. 



Meet The Two Newest Members of #OWS: Rick Perry and Newt Gingrich

Riding off the heels of a New Hampshire win, GOP front runner Mitt Romney appears to be facing one major Republican fraternity fight with Texas Governor Rick Perry and Newt Gingrich. As the race enters into South Carolina, both Perry and Gingrich are going all in on the poker table, and even though Romney has the highest chip count, these two candidates are now questioning Romney's venture capitalist experience, when he was a principal at Boston's Bain Capital. Kind of ironic, coming from two guys who just months ago were criticizing #OWS just two months ago.

The Obama 2012 campaign would like to thank Perry and Gingrich for this content.

First off, Perry, who didn't even garner 2,000 votes in New Hampshire.

But the doozy of all doozies is Gingrich, whose main PAC, Winning Our Future, bought the right to a 28-minute documentary called "When Mitt Romney Comes to Town." According to reports, Gingrich's PAC out bid Jon Huntsman's PAC for the video.

Here is the trailer. 

Here is the full 28-minute version (some of the video has minor audio troubles, but it is the FULL documentary):

As for Romney's initial response to all this? You're just jealous.

National GOP Group Calls on Rick Perry to Quit Race for President


This release was sent to us by Café Con Leche Republicans.

 For Immediate Release

1 December 2011

Marshall, Minnesota – Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry has received the endorsement of Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio and Arpaio is already campaigning for Rick Perry.

Before this endorsement, Perry’s campaign was already flailing with support levels in single digits. The latest Gallup poll shows Perry in fifth place with just eight percent of likely Republican voters supporting Perry. We believe the Arpaio endorsement is a colossal blunder from which Rick Perry will never recover, and we call on Rick Perry to leave the presidential race.

Joe Arpaio is widely detested among Hispanics, and news stories about racial profiling, prisoner abuse, etc. are staples in the Hispanic media. For example, a pregnant immigrant was forced to give birth in shackles, and Arpaio is notorious for racial profiling and for his neighborhood sweeps of Hispanic neighborhoods. Most experts believe that the successful GOP nominee will need Hispanic support in the 40% range, as received by George Bush in 2004. Hispanics are now 16% of the U.S. population.

Obama has already stated: "We may just run clips of the Republican debates verbatim. We won't even comment on them, we'll just run those in a loop on Univision and Telemundo, and people can make up their own minds." With Rick Perry and Joe Arpaio planning to campaign together, Arpaio’s negative image among Hispanics will become Rick Perry’s negative image as well.

Obama received 67% of the Hispanic vote in the 2008 election. Despite Obama’s record as the “deporter-in-chief” who has utterly failed to honor his campaign promises on immigration reform, we foresee support for Obama at 2008 levels or better if the eventual GOP nominee is perceived as hostile towards immigrants. If Rick Perry were somehow able to revive his campaign and win the nomination, in the general election Obama need only tie Perry to Arpaio to insure continued Hispanic support.

Arpaio’s support in the GOP primaries may not even help Perry. Despite the perception that Republicans strongly support enforcement only solutions espoused by Sheriff Joe Arpaio, in reality Republicans are deeply divided over immigration strategy with a slight majority supporting reform. According to a recent PEW Research poll, a majority of Republicans “favor providing a way for illegal immigrants in the U.S. to gain citizenship, if they pass background checks, pay fines and have jobs.” Among three predominately GOP ideological groupings, “staunch conservatives” split 49%/49% on immigration reform, while “main street republicans” favor reform 58%/39%, and “Libertarians” favor reform 66%/32%.

A recent Univisión sponsored poll found that not only are Latinos alienated by anti-immigrant rhetoric, so are Americans in general. By hitching his star to Joe Arpaio, Rick Perry has effectively torpedoed his campaign, and we respectfully ask Rick Perry to exit the race as he cannot win against Obama. We believe it is critical that the GOP nominee be a credible candidate, not only among Republicans but the general electorate, in order to defeat Obama in the general election.


#  #  #  #  #


About Us – Cafe Con Leche Republicans is a national organization of Republicans who welcome “New Americans”, defined as immigrants and descendants of recent immigrants who are going through the process of acculturation. Our mission is to make America and particularly the GOP, more welcoming to “New Immigrants” through political activism, “in-reach” and education within the Republican Party, and lobbying government to adopt more immigrant friendly policies. We also seek to bring more conservative and moderate “New Americans” to the Republican Party. This combination of efforts will strengthen the Republican Party, and lead more Republicans to embrace more welcoming policies for immigrants and their families. Cafe Con Leche Republicans has chapters in Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Minnesota, Nevada, Oklahoma, and Pennsylvania.

Last Night on @TheDailyShow, a Little Cain, a Little Perry, a LOT of Brilliance

Without good content, you can't write great comedy.

Thank you, Herman and Rick, for the content. Now, the comedy!

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The Latino Dumbness Continues: Perry and Huntsman to Boycott Univision Debate

It is clear that the Florida GOP's call for a boycott of Univsion due to alleged claims that the country's fourth largest network had planned to spike a story about Florida Senator Marco Rubio's brother-in-law in return for an appearance on Al Punto has now misguided Republican candidates Rick Perry and John Hunstman.

Credit: REUTERS/Jonathan Ernst

The Miami Herald reported today that both Perry and Hunstman will not participate in Univision's January 2012 debate. As the article states:


“Governor Perry will not consider participating in the January 29, 2012, Univision debate until your network addresses this ethical breach and takes action to correct it,” Perry’s communications director, Ray Sullivan, wrote Univision on Tuesday.

“With NBC and Telemundo also hosting a debate the same weekend in January 2012, we will have ample opportunity to engage with Spanish-speaking Americans,” Perry wrote.

Huntsman’s campaign manager, Matt David, was more measured in his letter to Univision. But he said the candidate stands firm.

“Unless Univision resolves this issue in a timely and satisfactory manner, Governor Huntsman will not give consideration to your network’s debate currently proposed for January, 2012,” he wrote. “We ask the other Republican candidates to join us in this decision and will work with them to identify another forum to debate issues that are important to Americans of Hispanic descent in Florida and across our nation.”

All we can say is wow.

The short-sighted decisions by both Perry and Huntsman just prove that they don't get it. Univision is the country's fastest-growing television network, with a greater reach to US Latinos than other similar networks. By refusing to participate in the debate because of politics and a false sense of faith that Rubio has national appeal among US Latinos outside of Florida is a bad bad move.

The Republican Party is taking a very risky bet, thinking that US Latinos will actually agree with them when it comes to Univision. Like we said before, don't mess with our Sábado Gigante! We will not be surprised if this one will bite both Perry and Huntsman in their culitos. Guess Senator Rubio is the Latino Savior that Non-Latinos Love but the Vast Majority of US Latinos Do Not.

Who wins in this game of political ignorance? The President of the United States. President Obama was getting worried that US Latinos would be looking at other candidates, but it looks like they will come back, especially if the President makes some more Univision appearances.



Governor Rick Perry Says US Military May Be Involved in Mexican Drug War

In comments made today during campaign stops in New Hampshire, Texas Governor and Republican presidential candidate Rick Perry said that he would consider having the US military play a more concentrated role in fighting the Mexican drug war, which has caused over 40,000 deaths since Mexican President Felipe Calderón and his administration began to confront the country's narcoterrorists six years ago.

As reported by ABC NEWS:


“The way that we were able to stop the drug cartels in Colombia was with a coordinated effort,” Perry said. “It may require our military in Mexico working in concert with them to kill these drug cartels and to keep them off of our border and to destroy their networks. I don’t know all the scenarios that are out there but I think it is very important that we work with them, to keep that country from failing.”


SNL Launches New Season with Classic GOP Debate Parody

Give it up to SNL and their new season. This writes itself sometimes.

By the way, we LOVE Shepard Smith!

I’m Rick Perry, Mofo: Best Perry Rap Ever

Ha, we love this rap for some many reasons, and we will also play it at parties, too!

I'm Ricky Perry, the new JR Ewing, mofo!