Rush Limbaugh’s “Proof” That Undocumented Workers Don’t Want to Become U.S. Citizens

Oh, this must be true, because Rush Limbaugh said say so and some unidentified caller has “proof.” Listen.

Such shocking “proof” led to Rush saying this:


You know, wait until the Republican Party hears about this. They’re doing all of this to be loved by the Hispanics. Wait until the Republican Party finds out that a lot of the illegals currently here don’t want any more! You know, I’d like to be in the room with Steve Schmidt or some Republican walks in to Rubio and says, “Hey, you know what? We may have a problem here.”

“Yeah? What’s that?”

“A lot of the illegals here don’t want amnesty and they don’t want it for anybody not yet here in the country.”

“Oh? Why?”

“Because they don’t want to become citizens and they don’t want competition for their jobs. They don’t want their wages to fall.”

The Republican will say, “You mean we’re doing this and the Hispanics are going to get mad at us?”

“Yes, it’s entirely possible.”

Oh, it’s a fantasy, but wouldn’t it be funny if it were true?

By the way, two weeks ago Latino Rebels was contacted by three guys who claimed to have lived on the Texas-Mexico border, telling us they had definitive proof that 50-60 people had crossed into the United States that day. We responded to their email and told them to send us pictures. We are still waiting.

Dear Rush: Most Latinos Don’t Like “Feliz Navidad” Song—At Least Insult Us with a Better Song

Yeah, we know Rush Limbaugh will never get it, so what is the point of even giving him attention?

But as he mourns the Mitt Romney loss and cannot accept the fact that the U.S. Latino vote basically played a huge role in what is now a decisive victory for President Obama, Limbaugh just better be careful. Playing "Feliz Navidad" as his peace offerings to Latinos? Beyond insensitive. You would think Limbaugh would at least choose a better song. "Feliz Navidad" sucks.

Here is the audio clip of what Rush was saying. He whips out the song at the end.


So Does ShePAC’s Viral Video About Bill Maher’s Comments Matter to You?

Yes, we all know about Rush (latest news) and we all know about the problems he is having.

But is this viral video (100,000 views in two days) by ShePac the way to address it? What do you think? Let us know.

When Rush Limbaugh Craps on You, Mitt Romney Has Got Problems

Yesterday in an interview with CNN's Soledad O'Brien (who is quickly earning Rebelde status with us), GOP candidate Mitt Romney said things about the country's classes that he probably regretted saying.

According to reports, Romney had to spend most of the day clarifying his statements. Sure, he got pummeled by the left, but it is interesting to note that he also got heavily criticized by the right, particularly Rush Limbaugh, who basically identified the elephant in the room: Romney as the prototypical rich Republican who continues to give Obama 2012 a portfolio of campaign gems. This is what CBS reported:

”Sometimes things don't come out exactly the way you'd like them to," Romney explained. "That's not exactly what I meant to say. My focus is on middle income Americans. We do have a safety net for the very poor, and I said if there are holes in it I want to correct that."

Opponents on the left jumped on it, saying it shows Romney is out of touch. Conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh noticed, as well. "Everyone knows what he was trying to say," Limbaugh observed, "but he didn't say it. He makes himself a target with this stuff. He comes across at the prototypical rich Republican. … It's gonna make it harder and harder and harder to go after Obama."

Romney's comments also gave an opening for his Republican opponents to attack.

Newt Gingrich said he is "fed up with politicians in either party dividing Americans against each other. I am running to be the president of all of the American people, and I am concerned about all of the American people."