English Translation of Tab Deportes’ Reactions to Statements Made by Mr. Shaquille O’Neal

Here is the English translation done by LatinoRebels.com editors of the original Spanish statement from TAB Deportes regarding disparaging remarks made by TNT Sports analyst Shaquille O'Neal:

In recent days our news of Mr. Shaquille O'Neal, one of the top 50 NBA players ever, has traveled the world. Tiro Al Blanco (TAB) began some 18 months ago and thanks to God, it has enjoyed steady growth, earning the respect and credibility of many. When TAB's production crew conducted its work plan to cover the entire weekend in the NBA in the city of Orlando, Florida, it was decided we would ask players to give a "shout out" to Puerto Rico and our programming. The reason for this is because we are starting a new phase for TAB, with new magazines and weekly televised sports shows of individual sports. This new content will be become part of the Puerto Rico Sports Networks and Tiro Al Blanco will be producing the,.

Thanks to God, all the athletes that we interviewed gave us that opportunity, all with the exception of LeBron James, the guard for the Miami Heat. Mr. James respectfully express to our own Emilio Pérez that we should talk with his agent to produced the shout out that we asked for. This is the first time that TAB has reported this and at no time did Mr. James treat us negatively. Mr. James is arguably one of the most significant figures in the NBA today.

Soon we will be able to offer a visual of several NBA stars giving a shout out to Puerto Rico and to TAB.

Our intention here was not to create a "Media Tour" of this news with O'Neal, but to inform our fans of TAB Nation of what happened. Emilio Pérez said this very same thing on the radio this weekHad we not reported this news, we would have been guilty of disrespectful silence by not defending one of our founders and even more for not defending Puerto Rico and the entire Latin American community.Our professionalism and credibility speaks for itself.

It is for this reason we have the respect of our peers and major media figures in Puerto Rico and internationally. We appreciate all the support extended to us and we know that this support will continue. We understand that everyone has a right to opinions that differ from ours and respect that. Our website www.tabdeportes.com is supported by income from our sponsors and for that reason it has some applications to generate revenue to it. Without them we could not afford the travel and operating expenses for TAB.

Since our beginning we have had the support of our brothers at El Despelote (the top morning radio program in Puerto Rico) of La Nueva 94, Cerrando la Tarde on Nueva Vida 97.7, WIPR on Máxima 940 AM (where they transmit the TAB Show every Saturday and Sunday from 6 to 8 pm) and the Puerto Rico Sport Network, where we are working together with the the sports channel to provide with 24 hours of local and international programming (with rights).

Tiro Al Blanco reacciona a declaraciones del Sr. Shaquille O’ Neill

Le pasamos el sguiente comunicado de TAB Deportes:

En los pasados días nuestra noticia del Sr. Shaquille O'Neal, uno de los mejores 50 jugadores de la NBA, ha recorrido el mundo entero. Tiro al Blanco (TAB) comenzó hace algunos 18 meses y a Dios gracias, ha tenido un crecimiento constante, ganándonos el respeto y la credibilidad de muchos. Cuando la producción de TAB realizó su plan de trabajo para cubrir todo el fin de semana de la NBA en la ciudad de Orlando, Florida, se decidió que pediríamos un saludo para Puerto Rico y nuestros programas. La razón de esto es porque comenzamos con una nueva etapa en TAB, las revistas deportivas semanales televisadas de deportes individuales. Estas revistas deportivas serán transmitidas por Puerto Rico Sports Networks en Producción Asociada con Tiro Al Blanco.
A Dios gracias, todos los atletas que pudimos entrevistar nos concedieron dicha oportunidad, todos con la excepción de LeBron James, escolta de los Miami Heat. El Sr. James respetuosamente le expreso a nuestro Emilio Pérez que tendríamos que hablar con su agente para poder realizar el saludo que se le pidió. En ningún momento TAB ha divulgado dicho suceso o ha dialogado de manera negativa ante el Sr. James, posiblemente una de las figuras mas significativas de la NBA hoy dia.
Pronto podremos ofreceles unos visuales de varias Estrellas de la NBA realizando un saludo a Puerto Rico y TAB.
Nuestra intención no es,  crear un "Media Tour" de esta noticia, sino informarle a nuestra fanaticada conocida como TAB Nation lo sucedido. Emiio Pérez lo dijo en la radio esta semana. De no haber realizado dicha noticia fuéramos culpables de callar una falta de respeto a uno de nuestros fundadores y más aun a nuestro Puerto Rico y por ende la comunidad Latino Americana. Nuestro profesionalismo y credibilidad habla por si solos.
Es por tal razón que tenemos el respeto de nuestros homólogos y grandes figuras de los medios en Puerto Rico e Internacionalmente. Agradecemos todo el apoyo que se nos ha brindado y sabemos que se nos continuará brindando. Entendemos que todos tienen derechos a opiniones que difieran de la nuestra y las respetamos. Nuestra página de internet www.tabdeportes.com es sustentada con ingresos de nuestros auspiciadores y es por tal razón que tiene unas aplicaciones para generar ingresos a la misma. Sin éstas no pudiesemos costear los viajes y gastos de TAB.
Desde nuestros comienzos hemos tenido el apoyo de nuestros hermanos de El Despelote (programa número uno en las mañanas en Puerto Rico) de la Nueva 94, al igual que Cerrando la Tarde por Nueva Vida 97.7 y WIPR con Máxima 940 AM (donde transmitimos TAB Sport Show todos los sábados y domingos de 6 a 8 pm) y Puerto Rico Sport Network donde estamos desarollando en conjunto el canal de deportes con 24 horas de programación local e internacional (con los derechos).

Other Witness to @SHAQ #PuertoRico Controversy Confirms Disparaging Remarks

We had unconfirmed rumors from anonymous sources that last night TNT analyst Shaquille O'Neal was going to offer a public apology about alleged disparaging remarks he made to reporter Emilio Pérez about Puerto Rico during All-Star Game Weekend in Orlando. He did not say anything, and now questions are spiraling about whether the Tiro Al Banco report is true and can be corroborated.

These are comments by O'Neal reported by both TAB and La Nueva 94 on February 26:

“No necesito nuevos fanáticos, Yo tengo ya suficiente dinero en el banco…y de hecho, qué rayos es Puerto Rico… si solo es un simple lugar que ocupa poco más de ¼ de pulgada en el mapa. No me interesan y no me afectan”. [ED: OUR ROUGH TRANSLATION OF SPANISH] “I don't need new fans. I have enough money in the bank… and in fact, where the hell is Puerto Rico… it is just a simple place that takes up just ¼ of an inch on a map. They do not interest me and they don't affect me.”

One thing to explore is the following tweet by @Brhitney, which was posted on February 26, the night when the alleged incident occurred. According to her timeline, Brhitney Decamps was at the Amway Center in Orlando and besides tweeting about the event, she also tweeted the following:

When we asked her profile for a follow-up this morning, she tweeted us back immediately. She is now the second person, besides Pérez, to confirm that Shaq said something disparaging about Puerto Rico.

We spoke with Brhitney over the phone and she told us the following:

"I was just walking towards where I saw the group of people and I heard them talking, I couldn't hear very well until I got there. But then I just heard Shaq saying, 'Have you even seen Puerto Rico, it's about a quarter inch, look it up on Google Earth. And he was saying that as Emilio was leaving, so that's the only thing I heard."

There are now two confirmations of the incident and that indeed Shaq said something. We will be following up with more information soon.

What Will @Shaq Say Tonight on @NBAonTNT? Will He Address Puerto Rican Controversy?

Two days ago, the Twitter feed of former NBA star and current TNT Sports analyst Shaquille O'Neal hinted on Twitter that he might address the surrounding controversy regarding an encounter with a Puerto Rican sports reporter during All-Star Weekend in Orlando. Today on Twitter, after several tweets late Sunday night and more tweets on Tuesday about the incident with Emilio Pérez of @tabpr, Shaq is tweeting about cognac and has not addressed the story at all.

Tonight, Shaq will be on the air with the rest of the NBA on TNT crew. Will this be the time to address his alleged actions or will he ignore them? Will he add more to his denouncement of "yellow journalism" or will he be quiet about it and just talk basketball? Since Shaq is an employee of a private media company, it would be perplexing to us that he just sweeps this under the rug, but who knows? We reached out to TNT Sports for comment about Shaq's Tuesday tweet, but they never returned out call, and after several tweets to Shaq for clarification, we didn't get an answer either.

All that we have is a tweet from Tuesday. We will see. TNT begins it NBA broadcast tonight at 8 pm EST. We wonder if most of Puerto Rico will be watching.

On Twitter, @SHAQ Denounces “Yellow Journalism”—Might “Say Something” on @NBAonTNT

TNT Sports analyst and former NBA star Shaquille O'Neal returned to Twitter today to address the ongoing controversy surrounding alleged comments that he made against Puerto Rico to a sports reporter from the island's Tiro Al Blanco sports show. Late Sunday night, Shaq was actively tweeting and denying reports from TAB's Emilio Pérez. After posting a video early Monday morning, Shaq's Twitter account was silent until earlier this afternoon when he posted the following tweets:


Who knows where this goes, but it is clear from O'Neal's tweets that he is denying the story altogether now. His previous tweets late Sunday night indicated that an encounter with Pérez did occur. On Sunday night, O'Neal referred to Pérez as a "fat obnoxious writer" who was asking for a photograph. Later that night, on his video below, O'Neal had suggested that Pérez wanted an autograph. After the video, Shaq did not tweet until later this afternoon today. (We did reach out to Shaq via Twitter for a comment. If he does respond to us, we will share.)

La Nueva 94 Uploads the Spanish Radio Broadcast of @SHAQ Puerto Rican Controversy

Here is the broadcast segment from Monday morning's "El Despelote" show on la Nueva 94 in Puerto Rico. The broadcast is in Spanish, and the hosts interview Emilio Pérez, the reporter from Tiro al Blanco who describes his encounter with Shaquille O'Neal during the NBA's All-Star Weekend in Orlando.

We will have an English transcript tomorrow of the key moments, but we wanted to run the raw Spanish broadcast first, as is.

La Nueva 94 Reports that Shaquille O’Neal Insults Puerto Rico At All-Star Game Weekend

A report out of La Nueva 94 in Puerto Rico states that ex-NBA star and TNT personality Shaquille O'Neal had some choice words for the island, during NBA All-Star Game festivities this weekend in Orlando.

This is what La Nueva 94 is claiming  that Shaq said to Emilio Pérez, a Puerto Rican sports talk personality of the Tiro al Blanco (TAB) show. We are running the quote that La Nueva 94 (which is parts of the same media company that runs TAB) posted in Spanish, and have provided an English translation:

“No necesito nuevos fanáticos, Yo tengo ya suficiente dinero en el banco…y de hecho, qué rayos es Puerto Rico… si solo es un simple lugar que ocupa poco más de ¼ de pulgada en el mapa. No me interesan y no me afectan”.


“I don't need new fans. I have enough money in the bank… and in fact, where the hell is Puerto Rico… it is just a simple place that takes up just ¼ of an inch on a map. They do not interest me and they don't affect me.

As of this morning, El Despelote from La Nueva 94 is standing by its story, although its original post lacks content and details. The site for Tiro al Blanco, TabDeportes (which is ad-sponsored and annoying to navigate), has a more detailed report. Apparently, according to TAB, Pérez spotted O'Neal at the Amway Center and asked a bodyguard to see if Pérez could take a photo of O'Neal for Shaq's fans in Puerto Rico. The bodyguard was friendly to Pérez, but according to the TAB report, Shaq was not.

Once Pérez got close to O'Neal, Shaq reportedly told Pérez that a photo was not going to happen, and after he said it again, Pérez told him that O'Neal has many fans in Puerto Rico and he might lose some of those fans because of his attitude. The report below then goes on to say that O'Neal made fun of Pérez's appearance and then said what La Nueva reported. (FYI: A PDF copy of the report in Spanish can be downloaded here through RaulColon.net)

O'Neal's latest tweets confirm that an incident did occur with Pérez, whom Shaq described as a "fat obnoxious writer." O'Neal has denied pretty emphatically that Pérez's story is accurate. After facing countless replies about the story on Twitter, O'Neal did quick video, where he told people to not believe everything they read and said, "Mamita linda, dame besos" (Sweet honey, give me kisses) in Spanish.

In addition, RaulColon.net raises some good questions about TabDeportes.com, which hits you up with pop-up ads if you visit the site. Raúl does a great job showing you more about TabDeportes original site:

The TabDeportes.com site no longer contains annoying ad clicks. They updated the page around 2pm EST today.

Also, @HectorCruzESPN tweeted out the original story last night around 1 am EST, saying in Spanish that "we deplore everything that happened between Shaquille O'Neal and the @TABPR sports page from Puerto Rico." Since then, the tweet no longer appears on Cruz's stream.