VIDEO: Rep. Luis Gutiérrez Introduces GOP to Hispanic Voters…. Again

Today on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives, Illinois Congressman Luis Guitiérrez wanted to introduce the Republican Party to U.S. Latinos. Again.

As his YouTube channel says: Rep. Luis V. Gutierrez (D-IL) took to the floor of the House of Representatives to introduce the Republican Party to Latinos as a way of underscoring the impact of Hispanics and the immigration issue on the 2012 election. Rep. Gutierrez called for bipartisan cooperation to enact immigration reform, saying "We need to set aside the mistakes of both parties, and do what is right for the American people, including Latinos and immigrants." Here it is.

A New Cuéntame Video: “This Is What Happens When Latinos Don’t Vote”

Leave it to our friends at Cuéntame to produce some very high-quality content that tries to educate and inform.

Here is their latest video, "This is What Happens When Latinos Don't Vote." For more information, visit

Here is what their YouTube channel says:

The stakes in this election for the Latino community are at an all-time high. Instead, anti-immigrant rhetoric, electoral and issue misinformation has been increasingly latent. 

This is a problem – while both sides are working hard to court the Latino votes – they are largely neglecting what is truly essential to our community in this country.

Instead of mobilizing Latino voters to the polls, there is a palpable effort and narrative that Latinos are simply "not enthusiastic" this time around. This is a lie. 

"Latinos Don't Vote" is designed to bring these issue to the forefront of the political discussion in the last leg of this electoral season. We aim to both combat negative stereotypes about Latinos and prove that our community will go out and vote this November.

Our Friends at @picarocrew Produce User-Generated #IVote Video: Why Do You Vote?

In a few weeks, US voters will take to the polls in one of the most important elections of our generation. Our friends at Pícaro Media, a cool new Chicago agency that produces premium content for the bilingual and bicultural US Latino demographic, created this user-generated video about the importance of voting. We love it.

Let Pícaro know why you vote by going on Twitter, tweeting to @picarocrew and using the hashtag #IVote. You can also like Pícaro on Facebook. to Feature Ya Es Hora’s ¡VE y VOTA! Online Voter Drive on All Its Web Pages

Today the Rebeldes are proud to announce that it will promote on all its web pages the ¡VE y VOTA! voter drive, organized by, a part of the NALEO (National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials) Educational Fund. Even though we Rebeldes can be a bit traviesos at times, we are strong believers that we must all strive to create a society of active and engaged citizens. No matter your political leanings (from the traditional left/right two-party world to the non-traditional grassroots movements that make us all aware of the key issues and challenges surrounding us), having a voting voice still matters.

So from now until right up to the elections in the United States, our site will run the following embedded ad. Clicking on it will take anyone to the ¡VE y VOTA! bilingual online site, where one can register to vote. It only takes five minutes. And it matters.

This American political system has problems, and they come from all sides of the aisle. One way that you can make a difference is by voting. So if you haven't registered yet, take just five minutes and visit ¡VE y VOTA!.

We would also like to take this moment to thank the drive's national partners, who are pictured here:


Latest Gallup/USA TODAY Poll of US Latinos Confirms That Obama Still Has Huge Lead Over Romney

Technically, the following headline on Gallup's page, "Hispanic Voters Put Other Issues Before Immigration," is factually correct. However, once you really look at the data, the headline is also misleading. And that is the problem with the mainstream media and polls. It continues to try and prove that the US Latino vote does not care about immigration and that the economy and health care are more important—thus making someone like Mitt Romney more appealing to this demographic (sidenote: check out these latest numbers from Latino Decisions, where Romney—red—is just getting smoked by President Obama—blue—in key swing states with Latino voters. The only place where it is even "close" is Florida.)

Gallup/USA TODAY should have done a better job editorially with its data. Look at the numbers more closely from the poll and the findings. What the Gallup headline should have said was the following: "US Latinos Favor Obama Over Romney on Issues that Matter to Them." Or better yet, "President Obama Has a 41-Point Lead Over Mitt Romney with US Latino Voters." Here is the data.

This first graph shows where the misleading headline came from. According to the poll, healthcare, unemployment, and immigration all share equal important among Latinos, but then healthcare is first with Latino voters, then unemployment, and then immigration. The economy? Stuck in fourth among all Latinos, but third among Latino voters.

This graph shows presidential election preferences. Yes, Mitt Romney is finding favor with Latino CPAs, since he is lacking in other issues.

This is the graph that was buried in the middle of the Gallup post. You would think that this is the most important one, no?

And here is where it gets complex, and even though they use the word "nativity," it shows how certain issues have different important to different groups of people. Yes, the issues are complex but any consultant who looks at all this data and concludes that immigration is not an issue is wrong. It would have been cool if Gallup had asked the following question: Do you think that the Republican Party's immigration message match your feelings about this issue?

In the end, people can slice all the data they want, the GOP can say that immigration does not matter, but the fact remains: Obama 66, Romney 25.

Our Founder @julito77 Will Be on TODAY With CBS News’ @facethenation on Google+ Hangout

This is cool. Really cool.

This Friday at 11 am EDT, our founder Julio Ricardo Varela (@julito77) will be participating in a Google+ Hangout with John Dickerson of CBS' Face the Nation. Julito will be part of an online panel that will discuss the US Latino vote and the 2012 election. After going live tomorrow, portions of the Hangout will be broadcast Sunday morning on Face the Nation.

Here are more details from CBS News, and don't forget to submit your questions to @facethenation or post them to the Face the Nation Google+ page.

Hangout with John Dickerson and Face the Nation this Friday at 11am EDT

Looking ahead to the 2012 Election: is the Hispanic vote key to a presidential victory?

John and a panel of experts will talk politics, immigration, and Campaign 2012 – and you can watch live.

Before and during the Hangout, send us your questions via Twitter, @facethenation, or post them on the Face the Nation Google+ page.

Join us on Google+ tomorrow at 11am, and look for highlights from the Hangout on Sunday’s broadcast (check local listings here).




Bettina Inclan, Director of Hispanic Outreach, Republican National Committee

Gabriela Domenzain, Obama Campaign Director of Hispanic Media

Jennifer Sevilla-Korn, Executive Director, Hispanic Leadership Network

Esai Morales, Co-Founder, National Hispanic Foundation for the Arts

Frank Sharry, Executive Director, America’s Voice

Julio Ricardo Varela, Founder,