Another #NoMames Moment: Yahoo! News Ad Features Image of Person Scaling Border Fence

This just in from @Kyoks1 on Twitter, who shared a screen capture of following Yahoo! News ad with us. We were given little context, but the image speaks for itself. Of all the images in the world that would speak to a news ad that talks about balanced coverage, why choose this one? What is the ad message here?

Seriously? All together now: #NoMames.

After doing some digging, the ad appears on the login screen of Yahoo! mail. It cycles with other ads that Yahoo! runs. Here are some more screen captures.

So you decide why the other images see a bit more safer and less controversial, but the fence-hopping one does not. Images matter. Poor choice.

Rebels Story on @CBS8 About Scout Patch Makes Front Page of Yahoo! and Goes Viral

From independent website to local TV to the front page of Yahoo! Independent journalism does indeed get attention if a story is reported and sourced correctly. Today, a story originally published on, which was featured yesterday on San Diego's Channel 8, made the front page Yahoo! today. The CBS 8 video went viral rather quickly too.

Screen Grab: Yahoo.Com, April 10, 2012

The Channel 8 video, which interviews one of the Rebeldes to explain the entire story of Troop 11's "immigrants fleeing" patch and how we were the first (and only) outlet to report the story accurately, from beginning to end, has gained over 600,000 views today, making it the most popular Yahoo News! video in the US for April 10, 2012. Yes, even more popular than Tim Tebow.

Update, April 12: The video views has now exceeded 860,000 views.