Though Well-Intentioned, the Tequila Party Movement Mocks Latinos With Its Silly Name

Jun 5, 2011
6:02 pm

This time, instead of having other groups mocking Latinos, Latinos are now mocking themselves with a well-intentioned grassroots political movement aimed at pushing immigration reform to the spotlight. Yet, instead of picking a name that would actually BENEFIT the immigration reform movement, Latino leaders decided to use a play on words on the Tea Party movement, and now we have the Tequila Party.

As its founder said to a local Tucson station (great) on Saturday:

Dee Dee Garcia-Blase is founder of the [Tequila Party]. Tucson will serve as its home base.

“The siesta is over amigos,” said Garcia-Blasé as she announced the group’s official launch to a local and national campaign. “The fiesta begins today.”


With that the Tequila Party held its first political rally in the courtyard of an old downtown restaurant. Mariachi’s performed their traditional music as if to christen the event.

9 On Your Side Reporter Steve Nuñez asked Garcia-Blasé if using the term “tequila” lessens the group’s credibility.

“Not at all,” said Garcia-Blasé. “We would’ve angered some people if we would have named it the tortilla party or the frijole (bean) party.”


As The New York Daily News reports:

Angelo Falcón, president and co-founder of the National Institute for Latino Policy in New York says it makes sense as a movement by Latinos to influence the Democratic Party but is unsure “if it would have enough traction as a third party or a movement within the Republican Party.”

Falcón adds, “I hate the name – sounds like a bunch of drunks getting together to do politics!”

As mainstream political parties struggle to address the growing political powers of US Latinos, Latino leaders choose to associate a potentially game-changing movement with alcohol. Nice move, hermanos. Instead of actually creating a name that is INCLUSIVE of all Latinos, you pick a Mexican stereotype. Nice.

Soon we should be seeing Mojito Parties out of Miami, Coquito Parties of New York, Pisco Parties out of Los Angeles, Arepa Parties out of Houston, and so on.

MEMO TO THE PREDOMINANTLY MEXICAN AMERICAN POLITICAL MOVEMENT: You are NOT the only Latino group in the US. Be inclusive. Be serious. Your efforts have already made a mockery of real work that is being done.

So before this Tequila Party gets any stronger, CHANGE THE NAME NOW!

We humbly submit the following alternatives:

  1. The Bolívar Party
  2. The United Latino Party
  3. The New American Party
  4. The Real American Party
  5. The Americano Party
  6. The Party That Actually Cares About Real Issues Party
  7. The Hermanos and Hermanas Party
  8. The Justicia Party
  9. The Liberty Party
  10. The Non-Chicano Party Since It Is No Longer 1965 and We Chicanos Are No Longer the Only Latino Political Force in the United States and Why Would We Even Want to Ruin the Political Destiny of US Latinos By Using Jose Cuervo, Don Julio, and Patrón as Our Images Party