Yo Dee Dee García-Blasé: Your Tequila Party Movement Is Not a Movement, It Is a Pee Wee Herman Dance

Jun 5, 2011
9:28 pm


Dee Dee García-Blasé and Her Tequila Party Ways Mock All US LATINOS

So there is now a Tequila Party that self-proclaimed Latino savior Dee Dee García-Blasé is now actively promoting in the US. Yes, this political titan started her grass-roots push with the following historic words that would have César Chávez rolling in his grave:

The siesta is over amigos. The fiesta begins today.

Ahh, just like Patrick Henry, Simón Bolívar and José Martí. Dee Dee, PLEASE CHANGE THE SILLY STEREOTYPICAL NAME OF THIS MOVEMENT. You have good intentions, you just have a one awful political marketer.

Don’t you realize that this will being us back 20 years? When people think Tequila, they don’t think political change. They think this.