To New York Post’s Cindy Adams: You Are So Classy—Don’t Mess With John Leguizamo

Jun 8, 2011
3:25 pm

"Classy" New York Post Gossip Columnist Cindy Adams

Really, Cindy? You had to take a barb at John Leguizamo, the ORIGINAL LATINO REBEL? (John, shameless request here: we woud LOVE to interview you.)

Guess Cindy had to say something about John in the Post. Here it is:

As one of Rebels so aptly put it today on Facebook:

Don't be messing with the GREAT Leguizamo. Yeah, Cindy, can you pronounce that?

I love it when classy people remind you they are classy. It’s right up there on my list with politicians reaching out to their constituents via sexting. A must do for anyone looking to sound like a complete douche bag. P.S. She didn’t mention how to properly pronounce the name because I’m positive she was worried John would steal her purse at the end of the conversation.