John Leguizamo’s Papi Telling World His Son is Not Puerto Rican is a NON-ISSUE

Jun 10, 2011
3:37 pm

Who cares?

Really, on the heels of recent revelation this week made by his father proving that he is not Puerto Rican, actor/comedian/performer John Leguizamo will not remove himself from his role in the Puerto Rican Day Parade. And the parade organizers don’t want him to go.

And you know what Johnny, WE ARE WITH YOU!!!


Don't be messing with the GREAT Leguizamo. We wouldn't care if he were from Mars. He is the REAL DEAL!!!!

You see, this whole issue of your country or origin, is losing steam among Latinos. If Latinos really want to become the true political force in the United States, they must stop thinking like 15 separate countries and think like one united country.

So, this is easy. On behalf of the Latino Rebels, we are sending this outfit to John today. John, you are now an HONORARY BORICUA. Problem solved. Let’s party!!!!

We are sending this to John Leguizamo RIGHT NOW!!!!