A League of Super Parents

Jun 22, 2011
4:21 pm




In every part of the world, there are roles to be filled by multiple kinds of individuals. In every home, roles are also established, that need to be fulfilled. Roles that matter to all, and only those dedicated enough do them properly. These roles are those of the Papá Heroes.

This past Father’s day, those same Papás decided it was time to leave their secret identities aside, and join in a public alliance to better serve those who so desperately need them.

Right at their elaborate round table, these heroes sat and threw in ideas on how to protect their most priced gifts. They knew, that what they practiced on their own, could benefit others. Common folk, that were learning the ropes by themselves, had gotten a helping hand at last! The Papá Heroes were there to help them in their struggle to do what is best for their legacy.

Alex Levine, Arsenio Sánchez, Gabriel E. Pagán, Gustavo Franceschini, Julio Ricardo Varela, Letty Cabán, Lucilla Feliciano, Mike Robles, Ramón Morales, Raúl Colón, Ricardo Serrano, Rick Lipsett and Tony Vargas set up a direct line with the rest of the world. Their Red-light- Blinking Phone, was replaced by a complex computing system called Better League Of Gods, or B.L.O.G. From there, they gave their advice and shared their wisdom, while the world read and asked away at their whims.

No topic was left behind. Protection from the mechanical demons, Common sense vs. chaotic reasoning, Artistic shield against the POP Culture… Everything was thought of and passed forward. Considering their different powers, they divided the requested knowledge, and answered according to each of their expertise. The world began to shift.

Even now, while these lines are read, our Papá Heroes dive into their inspiration wells to make sure, they give out their best advice tomorrow. Same as they did today. No stone will be left unturned, no idea will be left to its own luck. Our Heroes are on a mission and the well-being of all our children depends of this important alliance.

If you are in dire need of assistance, or feel you can help them in their cause, we urge you to visit them at PapaHeroes.com with your cape on, and join the alliance!

Guest post by Papá Heroe @ricklipsett
Papá Heroes