Red Sox Slugger David Ortiz Comments on Arizona Anti-Immigration Law But Says He’s “Not Here for That”

Jul 12, 2011
8:33 am

At least MLB and some players are commenting about the location of this year’s MLB All-Star Game—Pheonix, Arizona. Whether we agree with it, is another story.

All you needed to do was bring in Jesse Jackson, who called for All-Stars to speak against Arizona’s anti-immigration law.

Big Papi

The Associated Press reported that Boston slugger David “Big Papi” Ortiz did comment on the situation:

“I’m an immigrant. I definitely would never agree with any treating of immigrants bad — the wrong way,” said Ortiz, who is from the Dominican Republic.

Still, he won’t get involved with protests.

“I’m not here for that,” Ortiz said.

Ortiz captained the AL team in Monday night’s Home Run Derby. Sharon Robinson, daughter of the late Jackie Robinson, was on the field before the event for a “Breaking Barriers” presentation.

More typical during player availabilities at the cactus-filled Arizona Biltmore grounds was the response from New York Mets outfielder Carlos Beltran, who will be the National League’s designated hitter.

“It’s something that doesn’t have to do anything with sport,” he said. “It’s something that affects a certain part of the population.”

Somos America, a Phoenix-based Hispanic civil rights group, asked fans, players and coaches to wear a white ribbon showing solidarity against the law.