Sheriff Joe (America’s #1 Latino Hater) Calls Off Chain Gang During MLB All-Star Game in Arizona

Jul 12, 2011
10:24 am

We really hoped we would make this all up. Really, we do. But this whole Arizona thing is just on another planet sometimes. Case in point: Sheriff Joe, our Favorite Sheriff in America to Mock at and Call Him a Pendejo, had an idea. Hey! When the All-Star Game is playing in Phoenix, we will employ chain gangs of illegal immigration offenders who were mostly charged with driving under the influence to work during the game!!!!

Yeah, that’s the ticket. Sheriff Joe gets his publicity and millions of Latinos would hate him even more.

Well, looks like Sheriff Joe got a CHANCLETAZO and decided to not go with the idea. As the Associated Press reports:

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio told the Arizona Republic on Monday that he wants the focus to be on the children and the national pastime instead of his chain gang.

The sheriff had planned to have three chain gangs decked out in striped jail garb posted around Chase Field during Tuesday’s game. One was to be made up entirely of undocumented immigrants convicted of drunken driving.

Arpaio has been known to use big events to promote his tough-on-crime message.