Dear Esquire Magazine: The Last We Checked, The Tequila Party is a Farce and an Insult to Latinos

Jul 15, 2011
11:24 am

Dear Esquire Magazine, you don’t get it. You really do NOT GET IT.

In your blog piece about The Tequila Party, you missed the point. Let’s break it down. What you said:

We were more than a little surprised by this NPR article about a new political group called the Tequila Party that hopes to get out the Latino vote in 2012 in order to combat Arizona’s restrictive immigration law. Tequila, really? That’s the best way to serve the struggle of undocumented immigrants? With shots?

Ok, that was good. But then you go ahead and posted this?

But then we thought about it a little longer and… Well, why not? Tequila is delicious, after all, and one of Mexico’s most profitable international exports. When we called up Esquire’s drinks correspondent David Wondrich, he told us of another, much older political story involving tequila: After the Mexican Revolution, the country’s government tried to ban the agave product in an “excess of revolutionary fervor.” They didn’t, and tequila quickly became an enduring symbol of all that is Mexican, including, maybe even especially in the U.S., where it is consumed with patriotic fervor. We’re not sure if the Tequila Party was deliberately referencing this history, but it might help out their case either way. “They’ll get a lot of non-Mexicans to join the Tequila Party,” Wondrich says. “Every college student in America is going to join. Which is not a bad thing.”

Ok, here we go with our points:

  1. Mexicans are not the ONLY LATINOS IN THE UNITED STATES.
  2. Tequila is a MEXICAN drink, we prefer PISCO and RUM.
  3. The Tequila Party is stereotypical and insults Latinos.
  4. Stop generalizing Latinos and start understanding that we are diverse and complex and unique.
  5. Are you kidding us? College students?
Your blog clearly shows YOUR IGNORANCE of what it is to BE LATINO IN THE US.
By the way, Esquire, one of our readers actually does a better job responding to you than us. Here goes:
A political party called the Tequila party??? What are they going to ask for?? Tax deduction for Tequila drinking and free tacos for everyone??
Come on Latin Americans worlwide…esp those ones living in the U.S. …if you bow to represent all those ones (like myself) who actually live in any Latin America, from Mexico to Argentina, DO IT WITH RESPECT and SERIOUSLY…the name ‘Tequila party’ for a political party is a lack of respect….and it sounds like you are promoting a night club and not the cause and struggle of Latin Americans!