POLL: Would you change the name of the Tequila Party?

Jul 18, 2011
9:17 am

Let’s be clear to everyone involved. We think that the intentions of Somos Republicans and the Tequila Party are good ones, only when it comes to actually educating Americans about short-sighted anti-Latino policies that are being promoted by mostly Republican individuals.

However, we have been very clear in saying that we think the name Tequila Party is an insult to all people of Latino origin. We have asked Tequila Party founders to change their name, but they have laughed at our face—so much so that one if its founders Gus García said that we insulted him.

So, instead of us saying how much the name sucks (you can read our reasons here), we have created a poll that will ask YOU, our amazing readers: Would you change the name of the Tequila Party? If so, what name would you use.

Let us know by answering this poll.