Congressman Luis Gutierrez: Un Gallito Rebelde

Jul 27, 2011
6:02 am

Democratic  Congressman Luis Gutierrez of Illinois was arrested  along with other protesters yesterday afternoon in front of the White House. He refused to leave the premises as ordered by the U.S. Park Police. Gutierrez had long protested against the Washington D.C. establishment for its failure to pass the DREAM Act and reform immigration policies. Yesterday’s protest came in response to  “President Obama’s address to the annual conference of the National Council of La Raza” (

Congressman Gutierrez has a long record fighting for what he believes is right.

  • He was arrested in May of 2010 at a similar immigration policy protest in front of the White House.
  • Gutierrez was a leader in the Vieques Movement which protested against bomb testing in the island of Vieques,off of Puerto Rico. In 2000, Gutierrez, along with almost two hundred others, was arrested for  refusing to leave the natural habitat that the US military was using as a bombing range.

The difference between Rep. Gutierrez, who is of Puerto Rican descent, and other members of Congress is that he speaks out fervently both outside and inside Washington without fearing the loss of his seat.

Click on the link below to see Gutierrez speak right before his arrest. He believes that President Obama has broad discretionary powers to pass the Dream Act. We can say that Luis Gutierrez is our “Gallito Rebelde”.


Here is video of the arrest: