Our Readers Have Spoken: Only 20% Say to Keep the Tequila Party Name

Aug 1, 2011
4:00 pm

So, it’s not just us. After a week and about 200 responses (people could only vote once), only 20% of our readers said that the name Tequila Party works just fine for a new Republican-leaning Latino political movement that is trying to unite Latinos. Looks like the name isn’t cutting it.

Here are the lastest results:

We will share these findings with the Tequila Party leaders, although we doubt anything will happen as a result, since they seem set in their ways and would rather promote stereotypes about Latinos drinking. If they really want to be smart, at least change the name to the “Tequila Ron Pisco Ewhiskycito con Cervecita Party” to go past the Mexican American angle of the Tequila Party.

If you still want to vote, you can go here and gives us your answer: