Other Latino Groups and Ethnicities Follow the Lead of the Tequila Party and Name Their New Political Parties

Aug 3, 2011
4:59 pm

Wow, this whole Tequila Party naming nonsense is getting out of hand. We just have received BREAKING NEWS that other Latino groups and ethnicities have created new names for their political movements.

  1. The Mancha del Plátano Party was just formed in San Juan.
  2. Not to be outdone by their Puerto Rican islander brothers and sisters, the Newyoricans have formed the Piragua Party.
  3. In Miami today, exiled Cubans formed the Castro Pendejo Party.
  4. In Washington Heights, Dominicans rejoice the forming of the Mangú Party.
  5. Three Peruvians in Minnesota have made it official: there is now a Pisco Sour Party.
  6. In Los Angeles, the Salvadorian community just formed the Pupusa Party.
  7. A few expats from San José danced to the Tico Party today.
  8. In East Boston, Colombians formed the Bachata Party.
  9. News out of Miami confirmed that Argentine Americans just formed the Ché Party.
  10. In a remote corner of Washington DC, three Chileans formed the Vino and Uva Party.
  11. Not to be outdone by their Tequila Party brethren, a group of committed Chicano Texans formed the Queso Fundido Party.
  12. In Coconut Grove, a few Venezuelans founded the Arepa Party.
  13. In Chicago, soccer-made Brazilians established the Caipirinha Party.
  14. Ten Hondurans formed the Banana Party.
  15. In El Paso, immigrants from Juárez danced to the Mariachi Party.
It appears that Latino groups are not the only ones who are forming new parties. Here is a list of parties founded by other ethnicities in the United States:
  1. Thousands of Irish Americans shouted HURRA to the Guinness and Potato Party.
  2. Over in New Jersey, Italian Americans said BRAVO to the Spaghetti Party.
  3. Indians in California formed the Curry Party.
  4. Native American tribes banded to form the Casino Party.
  5. Poles in Chicago rocked it with the Kilbasa Party.
  6. German Americans in Pennsylvania were estatic over the Oktoberfest Party.
  7. Yes even the French expats in the New York praised the Chain Smoking Party.
  8. The African American community on the East Coast formed the Old Skool Kangol Party.
  9. African Americans on the West Coast hailed the formation of the Tupac Party.
  10. And finally, thousands of Protestants from England and Scotland hailed the Gin and Tonic Party.
This is clearly the new political strategy: when in doubt, choose a stereotype and run with it.