Sports Jock Tony Bruno Makes “Illegal Alien” Tweet and His Listeners Don’t Care

Aug 7, 2011
10:51 pm

So the tweet happend on Friday night during a Giants-Phillies game in San Francisco after a pitch by Giants hurler Ramón Ramírez to Philly slugger Shane Victorino caused a bench-clearing brawl.

"gutless #!@%*# Giants," he posted. "(Giants manager Bruce) Bochy is a coward for having his illegal alien pitcher hit a guy since mighty Frisco boys…"

The tweet, which had a shelf life of a few minutes (if that), was posted by nationally syndicated sports talk show host Tony Bruno. It caused an Internet uproar. It even pissed off Bochy, who said the following on Sunday:

"Forget the remarks about me. That doesn't bother me. For a guy to make a racist comment like that and have the ear of so many people, that bothers me. I can defend myself as a coward. I don't know if you can defend yourself making a racist comment."

It caused such negative reaction that Bruno had to issue a lengthy statement on Facebook. Here is the text in its entirety:

Saddened to see the vulture mentality and bad knowledge by the many who have joined the sheep on facebook,twitter and blogs who did not hear my radio show yet jump to conclusions about me without knowing a single thing about me or my 40 year career. My stupid and insensitive twitter post was up less than 1 minute before I realized it was caustic, it was removed immediately and I typed a quick apology on twitter and here. Since I was doing my live radio show, I apologized more emphatically on the air, and the podcast is available on my website(, hour 3) for those who choose to actually get some facts to go along with the hearsay or bloggers who spread falsehoods about my apology not being "sincere".

Many have whipped themselves into a frenzy of hate with vile, profane and even threats of violence in their "copy and paste" world of instant justice. I will spare you the embarassment of reposting these truly ugly messages. Others who feel my apologies and body of work aren't good enough for their "selective morality" have called for my dismissal.

I know who and what I am and deal with many who post racist and insensitive comments all the time and hide behind a lie of being hacked or simply not caring what people say. I don't hide behind anything I have ever said or done.


What I posted was reaction to something that goes beyond Giants-Phillies rivalry baseball. My position on "unwritten rules" of baseball has been consistent. Managers who order a pitcher to throw at someone to "send a message" for whatever the infraction, is an act of cowardice. Anyone who defends it as "part of the game for over 100 years" is, in essence, suggesting that our society should stay in the dark ages. Listen to my show last Monday night when I scolded Jered Weaver of the Angels for throwing at the head of Detroit's Alex Avila on Sunday and you will see my consistent disdain for the "unwritten rules". Should we start teaching little leaguers to throw at the big kid on the other team when he hits a couple of home runs because your son couldn't get him out? Would the logic be: teaching the kids how the big leaguers do it?  None of this defends what was posted in a moment of anger on Friday night and I immediately realized the stupidity by removing it, acknowledging it and have felt horrible about it ever since. The fact that 2 or 3 people who want to destroy my life are fanning the flames of true hate by spreading this all over the world wide web just disappoints me as someone who prides himself on being a man who embraces all races, religions and opinions. Most of my rational thinking audience and followers can attest to that fact. Hope this provides a better understanding to many who remain confused, mis-iniformed [sic] or just like to hear the whole story.

The reality is that Bruno's statement can be seen as a cop-out, although from the comments being posted on his Facebook, his listeners AGREE WITH HIM or don't really care. Here is just a sample of comments [NOTE: we didn't edit these, they come straight from the Facebook page]:

If u would have said " how come that nigger ryan howard always strikes out" then it would be an outrage…but illegal alien is cool

So is someone a racist for pointing out a problem not just in baseball but in society? Grow up and look at how u view racism b4 u look at someone who is stand up and appoligized within min. We all get angry just look at yourself now. And nigger and illegal alien are two entirely diffrent terms.

I love the freedom of the Internet but not the people on it that spend their time trying to spread "not politically" correct comments as racist. Seriously, you can say anything to every race except Latinos and African Americans,Why? That is racism. When people call the Jersey Shore cast all kinds of names, it's just funny. I'm Italian and I could care less what people call us. I can't stand people who hide behind the racism card. Tony Bruno has support of his fans and coecidently the only people hating are giants fans. No surprise their. South jersey nick

I'm half Spanish and to be honest we use that term on eachother and family members sometimes. When did America become the panty waist country of the world? What a bunch of whiny wimps. What's sad is most are giant fans; they did the same thing to Larry Krueger and even Gary said it was bull crap. Ramon Ramirez handled it right; it's a non story.

We don't know what is worse: Bruno's statement or the fact that most of his fans really don't think his tweet was wrong. As suspected, neither MLB nor its players made any comment about this. Why should they? They are making too much money and no Latino player would want to lose his entertainment visa and get deported.