“It’s No Fun Being an Illegal Alien:” Latino Radio Star Piolín Supports Tony Bruno’s Racist Tweet

Aug 8, 2011
10:23 am

The love and support from the listeners of the Tony Bruno show continue on his Facebook page. Last Friday, Bruno got into a social media mess when he tweeted that San Francisco pitcher Ramón Martínez was an "illegal alien."

First of all Los Angeles radio star Piolín supported Bruno over the weekend, since Bruno posted this on his Facebook page:

Thank you Piolin for the prayers and thoughts. My family and real friends keep me strong because they know who I am and what I am. Threatening my life or wishing bad things makes those of you who resort to this truly troubled.

Having Piloin endorse Bruno is huge, although we probably need to connect with Piolin later once this whole Bruno mess gets resolved. He will have some 'splaining to do.

As for the story, tt appears that the Bruno loyalists really don't care about the criticism. However, more and more posts denouncing Bruno's comments are showing up as well. Looks like this story is just getting started. Here are some of the posts today from his Facebook page:

Love'ya Tony! U still the man! Im Mexican-American of legal resident parents! I've always been a loyal listener of your programs for 10 yrs. If Piolin is down with you, then its all good in the hood G! It's not like everybody that has posted negative remarks on your Facebook page is innocent! It don't matter who you are, we've all said things we regret. It just sucks that you are a radio icon, making u n easy target!

They are talkin about you on SportsCenter… LOVE YOU SO MUCH BRUNO!!! WE ARE BEHIND YOU 100%

Bruno has made it clear that he thinks beanballs are dirty baseball. Managers who order their underlings to enforce unwritten rules on the field while they are secure in the dugout are gutless/cowards. I'll grant this could be excessive/vitriolic, but that's the business pundits are in… trying to tease something a little more titillating out of the world of sports. Tony then went on to say that Bochy treats "his" middle relief like unscrupulous bosses treat their illegal aliens. Get it? It's actually a defense of Ramirez that he's stuck in the position where he has to do his manager's dirty bidding. It's a rip on Bochy… perhaps Bochy thinks that because Ramirez is Hispanic that he can be treated like an illegal alien. A biting hyperbolic rip, sure. Again, isn't that what pundits do? The dumbing down of discourse is using "racist" when you don't have an articulate response.

Tony, hello from 16th and Oregon. Listen, can't excuse what you said. BUT, you are human. I think too many of us get lost in forgetting that thing called "being human". It includes making mistakes, even stupid ones, and learning from/owning up to them. I applaud you for saying that you were wrong to anyone who will LISTEN (instead of pointing fingers from the perch of a high horse or throne in a glass house). Every single person who puts out a criticism should look in the mirror and if they ever said a derogatory comment (even in "private"), a JOKE that may be offensive, or thought something ill of another person; they should think before they type. Because the high and mighty need to look at themselves before throwing stones. God bless and good luck. Stay thirsty my friend.

People want you suspended or fired for something you said on twitter? These are the same idiots who complain when a waitress gets fired because she downtalks her job on facebook. Hypocrites. You shouldn't have had to apologize, I'm sure half of these people were yelling at their TVs for the Phillies to "murder" the Giants. I guess racism is worse than the implication of physical harm.

Other comments were a bit more mixed:

Wanna see true racism… just read some of the comments posted on this wall.. The same person who called Tony a skin-headed racist, turned right around & called my black friend a ~N~.. Since when is being white make u right & free to say such horrible things with FULL ill-intent?? There are more latinos supporting Tony then u realize.. btw i'm married to a latin, so because i'm white, should i lynch Tony for his tweet? NOPE!!! I STAND BEHIND HIM, ALONG WITH MY HUSBAND!!!
What i've noticed thru-out this whole situation, is the people who are bashing tony for his remarks & his fans for supporting him, are 100x's worse for using foul language & truly racists comments.. I don't see any of u apologizing.. Ur words are premeditated, not a slip of the tweet during the heat of the moment.. Before any of the politically correct, self-righteous, angels judge, look into ur own mirrors & closets..
Time to shut this wall down Tony. Seriously, if anyone on your team is seeing this, stop the bleeding. The hate and ignorance flowing on this board is helping no one, and doing your cause some very real and serious harm. Catering to the strip club douchebags makes for entertaining radio for the less meatfisted out here, but now that they feel you have been wronged, they are rising up in a wall of senseless vitriol that will cause affiliates to drop you like Imus. It's vacation time, Tony K. style.

So, for all this and for all that will very likely happen now (this story is not going away), we dedicate this song to you, Tony, for the following reasons: FOR BLOCKING US FROM YOUR FACEBOOK PAGE. Sad.

Hit it, Phil!