San Francisco Giants Pitcher Ramón Ramírez Responds to Tony Bruno’s “Illegal Alien” Tweet

Aug 8, 2011
9:16 pm

So, bucking a trend to not comment on controversial issues (see Carlos Beltrán), San Francisco Giants pitcher Ramón Ramírez responded today to Friday's controversial "illegal alien" tweet by sports jock Tony Bruno.

As reported by the Giants' official web page, Ramírez told a Spanish-speaking reporter and the Associated Press the following:

I'm not interested in what [Bruno] thinks about me. I'm not interested in what he has to say. I don't need to pay attention to what he has to say about me. A lot of people say things about me. I know who I am. How would I be able to work here if I were an illegal? He put it on the Internet? I can't believe that.

In the meantime, Bruno's Facebook page continues to receive comments about his remarks, and his defenders still come out, even with Bruno not broadcasting. Here is an update from tonight:

His colleague Gary Radnich said, "16 years and I've never seen racism from him."

Fans continue to make comments. Here are just a few:

The main reason for all this hate on here is that Bruno insulted a San Fran player more than he insulted Latinos. Some San Fran fans think of Bruno as one of their own from all his years on KNBR. If Bruno's comment was directed towards a player on a team other than San Fran I doubt there would be this much outrage.

It is only the few who do not know that Tony Bruno, 
has a heart of GOLD..and is no lap dog to any body..
a lesson we can all learn from…

Tom Looney gave Tony some love on twitter, although he didnt mention Tony by name: @LooneyonFox Talk radio is a spontaneous business with opinionated savants w big personalities. Sometimes we say flip things that don't reflect our soul.

How quickly you all forget how many hours of Into the Night has been filled with Tony bashing and chastising athletes for irresponsible and stupid Tweets… You all laughed, enjoyed and agreed with his rants in those situations but now that the shoe is on the other foot none of you can handle the truth and the backlash… I'm really enjoying you all defending a man that is no better than the people he ridiculed in the recent past.