Somos Republicans and Tequila Party Founder Dee Dee García Blase Lists Her Platform

Aug 27, 2011
3:21 pm

So what is the platform of The Tequila Party?

Is it this, which comes from their official page?

A movement to celebrate Latin culture while promoting a massive non-partisan national  Latino 2012 voter registration drive.  To promote  participation in the early ballot system.  To increase political awareness that will increase participation during the Primary Elections as well as the  General Elections.

Or is it this, which is the Somos Republicans mission statement, which was founded by Dee Dee García Blase, the spokesperson and founder of the Tequila Party?
Our Core Principles are to support the Right to Life, Free Market Capitalism, Low Taxes, Small Government, Second Amendment, Traditional Marriage, and a Humane Immigration Reform that fits our Free Market economy and labor.

· The Community. Many politicians while running for office may promise, or say things for a political post, or because they are in a temporary state of campaign. As a result, politicians come and go. But our is goal to work in concert with those who wish to address and solve the issues vital to the well-being of our community.

· Right to Life.  We respect the dignity and right to life of every innocent human person, born and unborn. We believe that laws should protect the right to life of all innocent human beings and that no law should be passed that denies this right to life. Abortion is a crime against both the person and the community and therefore should be proscribed in law. We believe that parents are the first teachers and guardians of their children and that government should respect the rights of parents to protect and teach their children. Government should never fund any activity that would harm the innocent human being. Finally government should pass laws that support those who wish to place their children for adoption and those who wish to adopt them.

· Limited Government. The Constitution is based on the principles of a “small but energetic” government to provide the means to protect the freedoms of individuals from arbitrary use of government. To secure our individuals Rights, therefore, there is an inherent need of government to remain limited to prevent any arbitrary authority and violation of Natural Rights and freedoms. These principles were set to limit the role of government and should remain so.

· Free Market Capitalism. In emphasizing individual Rights, we believe that individuals know better when it come to the self-interests than government.  The principles of free market capitalism are the principles of economic freedom and liberty. Each person should pursue their own economic interests and compete with others to better themselves, as they serve their self-interests freed from government interference. As a result, this creates an equality that is good for society and individuals. More importantly, under individual initiative, success depends on individual efforts.

·  Low Taxes. High taxes are essentially a distribution of wealth and it hinders economic freedom.  As result, high taxes hinder economic freedom and growth, and its distribution of wealth mechanism fosters little or no initiative on workers and the entrepreneurial class.

· Second Amendment: Because our Godly Natural Rights–such as Life and Liberty and property rights–precede government, the Constitution guarantees the “right to bear arms” as the means for protection for private property, or an arbitrary government.  Men were equal in their Natural Rights. The state was formed through a mutual “contract” to protect those Rights. Thus, such this right should never be taken away by government or anybody else.

· Humane Viable Immigration Solution. Tough immigration is not a conservative “value” but rather an issue.  This issue needs to be dealt with in a manner that directly affects the well-being of our community. We believe this issue has been largely ignored, and it has placed Republicans and our community in a predicament which is inconsistent with the economic realities of our Free Market Capitalism, labor demands, and humanitarian tradition. Therefore, it is imperative that we promote a viable solution to this dilemma that is in concert with our economic demands. Such humane and viable solutions ought to resonate with ideals of President Reagan, Bush, and Conservative Think Tanks–such as the Goldwater Institute, the Hoover Institution, and CATO–that, too, have argued that a solution to this predicament is long over due.