The Shark Tank, a Conservative Political Blog, Says “Tequila Party is Over”

Aug 28, 2011
7:00 pm

As we begin to learn more about the political motives of Republican activist Dee Dee García Blase, founder of Somos Republicans and the Tequila Party, our staff has come across several blogs posted over the summer that question the essence of the Tequila Party movement, which to this date claims about only less than 2,000 members on their combined Twitter and Facebook sites.

The Shark Tank, a conservative political blog out of Florida, has been having it run-ins with the Tequila Party to the point that the Tank claims that García Blase, Somos Republicans and the Tequila Party are actually "factually challenged amnesty hacks." This excerpt, from a Shark Tank post, explains:


So now that it’s clear that Blase/Somos Republicans are factually challenged amnesty hacks, let’s get back to finding out who exactly this ‘Somos Republicans’ group really is.  Dee Dee Blase, who is likely the author of the article, is also affiliated with an organization that identifies itself as the ‘Tequila Party’, a group that can best be described as a political flash mob, not an actual political party or other readily identifiable political organization.  First and foremost, why does this group use the word ‘Tequila’ to name their Hispanic political organization?  Is their purpose to lobby government for the increased consumption of tequila?  Much more likely is the probability that the group’s name is an obvious race-baiting tactic that seeks to call attention to itself in hopes of eliciting responses that the group will label as racist- regardless of whether these responses are actually racist ones or not.

It is very unfortunate that Blase and others like her continue to create discord amongst Latinos by attempting to frame the illegal immigration issue in a manner that paints those who support enforcement of our immigration laws as racist, and the Mexican nationals who cross our southern border as defenseless victims who are not breaking the law.  As a Colombian-American myself, I am truly embarrassed by Blase and others like her that marginalize themselves with these arguments- ‘all’ Latinos do NOT support their version of “comprehensive immigration reform.”  These immigration extremists conveniently categorize all Latinos as pro-illegal immigration as it suits their purposes.

In fact, the ‘Tequila Party” was previously identified by the publication The Week as being comprised of many disenchanted individuals who are considering severing their ties to the Democratic Party and forming an independent, grassroots group called the “Tequila Party,” most likely because their conveniently identified flash mob has much more radical aims than establishment Democrats.

Here’s some more dubious activity from this group- it wasn’t that long ago when the “Tequila Party” was bragging how “Latino voters demonstrated their power in Nevada by putting Senate Democratic leader Harry Reid over the top in a close race against Tea Party favorite Sharron Angle.”  But wait- I thought Blase and Somos Republicans were Republicans??  Did they not support Angle in 2010?  How about John McCain in 2008, did she support him, or was he too extreme for her tastes as well?

The more we learn about this organization, the more it becomes apparent that Dee Dee Blase, “Somos Republicans”, and the “Tequila Party” are lying about where their real political loyalties are- but I’m not going to be holding my breath for any public apology from Dee Dee Blase or whomever actually authored this blatant piece of propaganda.