Is Republican Latino Darling Marco Rubio a Political Coward?

Sep 2, 2011
3:09 pm

So another partisan smackdown has begun, and this time it is Republican Senator Marco Rubio and MSNBC's Ed Schultz.

The words by Schultz were pretty strong. So where will this go?

Here is a just some of what Scultz says:
We don't save for retirement anymore because of these big 3. i want to ask you tonight to search your soul a little bit. are you in your 40s? are you in your 50s? is your mom and dad still alive? this man is suggesting that there is a generation of americans that care less about their parents because of social security, medicare and medicaid. this may be one of the most offensive things i have ever heard a united states senator say about the people ? of this country. he is attacking the character of americans because of social security, medicare and medicaid which has helped this country. it's helped millions of americans. so i will share with you my story tonight. i'm sure the senator has one, and i'm sure you do sitting at home tonight. if you're in your 40s and 50s, you're probably thinking, gosh, what's going to happen to mom and dad? are we ready for all this? and it's an emotional time because everybody goes through it. my mother was an english teacher, my father was an air nautical engineer who worked for the government. they paid for social security, they collected social security. my dad had his heart reworked and medicare paid for it. he paid into that system for years. my mom and dad raised five kids. my dad died with $900 in the bank. my dad was a man of character, he was intelligent, he loved the country, he obeyed the laws and he was not dependent on anyone else because he worked his ass off throughout his entire country. and i want to tell you, mr. rubio, that my parents went through the depression, and my parents did the world war ii thing. my parents lived in the unselfish generation. and for you to say they were lesser americans because they were involved in social security, medicare and medicaid, you owe my family at least an apology or at least be brave enough to give an explanation on this program in front of the camera as to what the hell you're really talking about. my mother used to teach accelerated english at granby school in virginia. my mother was wonderful. i remember her staying up late grading papers, working weekends and endless record plans. i remember our aunt margaret who moved in with us when she was ? failing. senator rubio, you mean to tell me there are no families in america today that do that, that that institution and loyalty and love of country and family is gone because you damn republicans just can't get rid of the big 3? we had social security back then when my family did all that. my mother died of alzheimer's, and to this day i think my sister is an absolute walking saint on her way to heaven for the way she took care of her mother. she was the closest one to my mother, and i think all of our kids would have done the same thing, but suzanne set the example. rubio is so stupid, he doesn't even know he's offensive. the ironic thing is that rubio's story really isn't much different from mine.
For me, medicare is not a political talking point. my parents came to the united states in the late 1950s. they worked hard for over 40 years to provide their children the chance to do all the things they themselves couldn't. but they never made much money. as a result, they retired with precious little in savings. medicare was, and is, the only way they could access health care. when my father got sick last year, medicare paid for his numerous hospital stays. and as he reached the end of his life, medicare allowed him to die with dignity by paying for his hospice care. my mother has many aging ailments. without medicare to pay for things, i can't imagine what life would be like for her. america needs medicare. we need it to continue without any benefit reductions for those like my mother currently in the system.
So will the real marco rubio please stand up? this is the golden boy of the republican party. everyone is ? talking about him as a vice presidential candidate. but when he gets a peach put in front of him and he can lean against the podium, it's a really different story, isn't it? he says rachel and i are extreme because we believe in the institutions that help make this country great? 80% of americans. what americans really want protect medicare examine medicame — and medicaid. 80%. do you think that's changed much? i think it's gotten stronger since the ryan plan has come out, and they have actually voted in the house to change medicare and medicaid. i'm offended by marco rubio, examine i think we're seeing that he is not a true american because he runs from debate. senator, come to me or i will go to you. you name the time and the place. and let's sit down and have a professional conversation about what you really mean when you say that we as americans have been weakened by something that has clearly benefited our society and allowed people to live in their later years in dignity. but the tape that we just played of you is kind of contradictory of the speech you gave at the reagan library. no wonder you're dodging the interview. you can go across the street and they'll throw you softballs all day long. one thing my dad taught me — maybe your dad taught you but it doesn't seem like it — never run from a debate and never be afraid to speak your piece if it comes from the heart and what you speak is the truth. i'll let you broadcast before a ? liberal audience. i'll give you an hour to talk about it. get in the arena if you really believe the senator. get nat reas get in the arena and tell the audience on msnbc that we are a weaker nation and explain why we're a weaker nation. you're a tea partier and you don't give a damn about any of the americans because, you see, it's kind of in your makeup, senator. now, unless your bio is wrong, i don't think you got any private sector experience in your background. you're a government guy. you're one of these typical government guys that says, well, everybody else has to serve it up because you've got your own. my father taught me to debate and to get into the arena, and i think your dad might be ashamed of the fact that you run from the cameras after you get away from the podium because i don't think you can explain yourself. i don't think you can explain to the american people just how weak we are. how about the boys in afghanistan? their parents are on social security. they come from weak parents? how about the men and women that have lost their lives fighting terrorism in this country? are they weak because they paid into social security? hell, you're nothing but a damn political phoney, senator. i don't know how the hell you got into office. and if i could, i would work like hell to defeat you, because i think you are the problem. you are the problem. you attack without facts. you attack without the human connection that your party has helped us lose in this country. get ? your cell phones out. i want to know what you think. tonight's question. should marco rubio defend his remarks as a guest on "the ed show"? text a for yes, b for no at 622639 and you can always go to and we'll bring your remarks to the show. i just want to say one thing about "the ed show "n" and what my dad taught me. charge. if you believe it, don't back down. if this is where you stand, it's about your integrity, your heart, your desire, your soul. that's what being an american is is all about. that's why i fight for those teachers, that's why i fight for those firefighters, that's why i fight for those law enforcement officials, those librarians, those workers out there who are under attack by the people like marco rubio.
So, what do YOU think? Typical partisan crap? Or should Rubio appear on Schultz's show?