Senate Republicans Block $7 Billion Relief Package

Sep 14, 2011
7:27 am

Natural disaster victims will have to wait for relief aid a bit longer thanks to House Republicans. Senate Republicans blocked a "$7 billion aid package  for relief funding of the natural disasters that have swept the country this summer" (

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Democrats again need 60 votes to advance the measure, but it does not look as if  they have the votes yet. Republicans say that the bill calls for too much spending – and they prefer to go through the House’s proposal for funding – attaching the FEMA aid package to the Continuing Resolution that would keep the government funded past Sept. 30. They will call for a $500 million increase for FEMA to remain solvent through the end of the month and will request an additional $5 billion for next year.

If only our political leaders would agree on at least an immediate emergency relief amount, say meet each other half way at $3.5 billion to get people moving from Joplin, MO to the flooding victims of Hurricane Irene along the northeast.

With the full understanding that our nation is cash strapped and overspent, we still believe that funds from other "approved budget cuts" can be diverted for this much needed relief.  What is it going to take for Congress, House  and Government to work on behalf of American's best interest?

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