Dear Tequila Party, A Little History Lesson About Puerto Rico

Sep 23, 2011
8:39 am

On the anniversary of El Grito de Lares and in the interest of sharing some actual real information about Puerto Rico to those who claim that Puerto Ricans are not qualified to discuss issues of immigration and Latino discrimination because they are automatic American citizens (i.e., The Tequila Party), we share the following links videos for your education pleasure. Puerto Ricans are a proud people, a people that have been facing a political paradox for centuries. We will not tolerate ignorance from fellow Latinos. Learn and report back to us. Hasta la victoria, siempre.

What is El Grito de Lares? See what P'alante Latino has to say today.

What to know more about the 1917 Jones Act, which granted (most say imposed) US Citizenship on Puerto Ricans? Read this.

Want to know why the current political climate of the United States would never allow for Puerto Rico to become at 51st state? Go here.

Want to learn more about the island's own immigration issues? This is a great piece. 

What about the history of Mexican and Puerto Rican relations in the United States? Here is a piece about how the Brown Berets and the Young Lords helped increase consciousness for Latino discrimination in the 60s and 70s.

Want to see some videos? Here you go. The first one is the original Puerto Rican national anthem, which was cleaned up when Puerto Rico's political leaders started cozying up to the United States.


Here is a speech by the great Don Pedro Albizu Campos, one of Latin America's greatest nationalists and the legendary leader of the Puerto Rican nationalist movement.

Finally, here is a special video that uses Roy Brown's Boricua en la Luna (A Puerto Rican on the Moon) to show the TRUE PRIDE of Puerto Rico. Basically, this song, modeled after a poem, basically says the following: I WILL ALWAYS BE PUERTO RICAN, EVEN IF I LIVED ON THE MOON.

So to The Tequila Party and your claims that Mexicans are the only Latino politcal force in this the United States, keep spreading your ignorance about the essence of Puerto Rico. Keep spreading Latino disunity. Puerto Ricans are over 7 million strong now and growing, and they will not stay silent.