Documenting the Occupy Movement: Reporting from #OccupyMiami

Oct 16, 2011
5:59 pm

This Saturday, October the 15th I felt compelled to go down to Miami to document this time in history. Mainstream news media failed the people relying on them to keep them informed.  Fortunately there are other means of staying informed. With or without the mainstream news media thousands clearly understood the movement, turning out in great numbers to gather in camaraderie in places all over the planet that day.

If you want to understand the Occupy Movement all you have to do is literally read the signs.  If pictures are worth a thousand words these photographs speak volumes.



The movement began with the name Occupy Wall Street symbolizing its focus on the individuals who run and work in the banking and finance industries.The American public is fully aware although the government considers corporations people, corporations are not people.  


This movement is about the consequences of democratically elected US government officials loaning $350 billion bailout dollars in 2008 when President Bush was in office. American citizens have expectations of bankers and financial employees that were given the people's money.  Allowing corporate bankers to fail on their end of this bargain is causing a huge trickle down negative effect creating many issues.  

Remember I told you to read the signs, that's what these signs are about; the aftermath of giving billions of dollars to corporations run by irresponsible individuals who created this economic crisis in the first place.

America is a strong country because it is made up of many different types of individuals. There were people of all colors, shapes, sizes and ages at Occupy Miami this Saturday, October 15th.  There were parents with children, older citizens, teachers and students of all ages from many cultural and economic backgrounds. The common thread among everyone there is wanting their voices to be heard. I snapped away with my camera bringing you hundreds of images, hundreds of messages behind a heartfelt movement.  

Everyone was friendly and kind but mainly happy to be able to exert their individual right to freedom of speech. You can see it in the eyes and smiles in my photos. These American citizens are out there to have their voices heard and bring attention to the many issues that need to be fixed.

There were signs regarding jobs and the many consequences of not having enough jobs or well paying jobs, lack of insurance, not being able to retire, not being able to pay a mortgage therefore having to foreclose, etc.  

There were also many signs focusing on educational issues.  Many people demand tax payer money should be directed to improve education, forgive student loans, hire qualified staff and provide more resources to schools.  The American people know the future of this country relies on education.  



History has proven, a big disparity in education levels completely wipes out the middle class leaving only the extreme rich and severely poor.

To those who may be confused about the movement, it's very simple, just read the signs.