VIDEO: Florida Republican Senator @marcorubio Blames Family Immigrant Story on “Lore”

Oct 27, 2011
12:05 pm

And the spin is spinning hard today from the office of Florida Republican Senator Marco Rubio.

This afternoon around 12:55 pom EST, MSNBC broadcast on its ticker that Rubio is blaming the fact that his parents arrived in the United States as legal immigrants in 1956 before Fidel Castro's takeover of Cuba on the last day of 1959 and not as political exiles after Castro came into power (his previous official campaign story) on "lore."

MSNBC posted a story today at around 12:40 EST that reports the following:

Rubio admitted he may have some dates wrong, but he defended the essence of his family's history. He said any notion that he made up the story of his parents’ migration to score political points is simply outrageous.

The story continues:

Rubio said Thursday he got the dates wrong, and that his parents came to the U.S. in 1956, which is two years before Fidel Castro came to power. He denied that he embellished the story.

"My parents came to this country because they were looking for a better life, but ultimately, they always hoped they could return to their home country … For obvious reasons they couldn’t and didn’t," Rubio said. "I would just say this about the whole thing: I’ve run on a couple of things, but being perfect isn’t one of them. Do I wish I had known those dates earlier? Absolutely. Does it change anything? Absolutely not."

Here is the video from Orlando Channel 2 (video is not snycing but audio is fine):