We Welcome All Comments, Even the Nasty Ones

Dec 3, 2011
4:55 pm

Hey, we don't pretend to be angels here, nor do we want to be. So, we welcome ALL comments from ANYONE on the Internet. We won't edit those comments and we won't delete them. We won't tell you to not use profanity, nor will we tell you to not filter you comments.

However, as a private media company, we have a few simple commenting guidelines. We have decided to list them below, given that one of our current blogs has gotten over 140 comments and we can't moderate everything.

The Rebel Commenting Guidelines

  1. We employ the Disqus commenting system. Now, you don't have to give us your real name (but it would help with credibility), but we do ask that you provide a valid email when you set up your first comment with us.
  2. All comments posted here since the launch of our site are public and part of our company. Since we pay money to host our pages, our commenting systems, and URLS, we own all the content posted on our sites.  We reserve the right to use those comments in a blog post, tweet, status update, etc.
  3. We will not edit comments nor delete them, but if a comment reflects something illegal, it threatens someone, or it contains inappropriate hate speech that belittles or threatens individuals or groups, we will let you know. If you violate this guideline (which will be determined by us, the owners of this web site), you will be blocked from this site. If you feel that you are feeling threatened on this site, let us know in the Contact section and we will address it and determine a resolution.
  4. All comments and entries to our site are tracked and recorded. We will not share this information with anyone, but just note that even if you post comments anonymously, we will have record of the referring site, URL link and location of the comment. In the end, once you start making public comments on this site, they become searchable and public.
  5. Debate and disagreement is encoraged on this page. Just be respectful and civil to people. Thanks.