With Open Casting Call for New César Chávez Movie, Our Twitter Pal @UtopiaMediaEnt Offers Two Choices

Dec 7, 2011
8:42 pm

In a move that is clearly being seen by the US Latino community as a positive Hollywood development, a worldwide casting call for CHAVEZ, a movie directed by Mexican actor Diego Luna about the life and times of activist César Chávez, will be held until December 10.

The casting call, which is looking for the lead roles of Chavez, Dolores Huerta and Helen Chávez can be accessed here. Here is a snyopsis of the movie

CHAVEZ depicts the struggle of the produce workers in Southern California and their united effort to overcome racial injustice and economic discrimination. Cesar Chavez was a dedicated family man, a devote catholic, and a true humanitarian at heart. Charismatic and genuinely kind, the call to help his fellow man was undeniable. His calling led him to the grape fields of Southern California where working conditions were extremely poor and often hazardous. Chavez soon recognized the need to unite these workers on a vast scale, and soon, with the help of his closest friends, formed the National Farm Workers Association. Despite physical, mental and financial hardships, Chavez continued to garner support from the Hispanic community.

With perseverance, tenacity and a union with over fifty thousand strong, Chavez effectively implemented a series of nationwide strikes and boycotts on California produce. These strikes eventually enabled Chavez’s organization to renegotiate contracts with the Growers and insured workers’ rights and wages for years to come. His achievements and accomplishments exemplify that of a hero, but his peaceful methods and absolute integrity render him nothing less than a legend. 

We wish all the hopefuls the best of the luck. In the meantime, we asked one of our best Twitter pals whom she would cast as César. Here is what she said and, yes, we think they are both great choices:


This Chicago-born actor is 35 years old, Mexican American, and has a look that could be very Chávez-like.


Maybe the producers want someone a little older. Then how about the 58-year-old Mexican star?

What do YOU think? Who would you want to play the role of César? Let us know!