Mitt Romney Speaks Spanish in His Florida Political Ad

Jan 11, 2012
2:08 pm

Two weeks ago, GOP front runner Mitt Romney was saying no to The Dream Act, but this week in Florida, he is saying "sí" to the Latino vote, well, actually, more specifically the GOP's Cuban American political leadership, one of the most reactionary and conservative political factions in the United States.

Interesting to note that ALL OF A SUDDEN, Romney, whose stances on immigration don't curry much favor to the vast majority of Latinos, is now realizing that the US Latino vote is a key to the 2012 election. Our guess? This is just another PANDERFIESTA (thank you, Colbert for that one) and most US Latino voters will just see this as another ploy the Romney campaign be the candidate that says yes to any group. Hey, everyone, I speak Spanish too!!! We all know that his Mexican roots are being seen with skepticism, and now this video is just, well, triste.

What do YOU think? Will this be effective?