Did White House Press Secretary Jay Carney Reveal Obama’s Campaign Strategy Against Newt?

Jan 24, 2012
4:07 pm

It was one of those toss-away lines that GOP candidate Newt Gingrich said when he was in the South Carolina zone during last week's debate. Gingrich claims that President Obama, or Community Organizer Obama to some, is influenced by Saul Alinsky, who is seen by the right in the same lens as say, Castro, Lenin, or Marx.

Today in Washington during his daily White House press briefing, Press Secretary Jay Carney was asked the following from Ed Henry of Fox News (the clip from Fox is below):

HENRY: This will be about his vision… I wonder if you could clear something up. Newt Gingrich keeps saying on the campaign trail that the President's vision comes from Saul Alinsky, the community organizer. I haven't heard you asked about him but… Is there some kind of portrait of him hanging up in the White House that people look up to or is this BS?

CARNEY: Have I said how much fun I had as a reporter covering Congress from 1996 to 1998? There was a certain bombast to it at the time. Lots of colorful things to cover. Look, the President's background as a community organizer is well documented in his own books. His experience in that field contributed to who he is today. But his experience is a broad-based one that also included a lot of other areas in his life. So I'll just leave it at that.


While Fox and other sites like The Blaze might be suggesting through hypothetical journalism that Obama must be a commie because Carney didn't say no and he didn't say yes, we think they are focusing on the wrong message. Carney's suggestion that it was a lot of fun covering the "bombast" of the US Congress from 1996 to 1998 could clue us all in that Obama 2012 might just indeed be seeing Gingrich as the possible nominee. Why not start bringing up the Speaker's personality of grandeur now? That's how you sow campaign talking points, no?