Now Tennessee Tea Party Wants to Remove Slavery From School Textbooks

Jan 24, 2012
11:38 pm

Isn't history used to learn from it? This month, the latest move to whitewash (no pun intended) history is coming out of Tennessee, where Tea Party groups presented the state legislature with five priorities for action. Besides the typical ones to reject the new national health care bill, the Tea Partiers also want to eliminate references to slavery from our nation's past.

As the original report out of Tennessee states:

Fayette County attorney Hal Rounds, the group’s lead spokesman during the news conference, said the group wants to address “an awful lot of made-up criticism about, for instance, the founders intruding on the Indians or having slaves or being hypocrites in one way or another.

“The thing we need to focus on about the founders is that, given the social structure of their time, they were revolutionaries who brought liberty into a world where it hadn’t existed, to everybody — not all equally instantly — and it was their progress that we need to look at,” said Rounds, whose website identifies him as a Vietnam War veteran of the Air Force and FedEx retiree who became a lawyer in 1995.


Let's hear the Turks break it down.