Romney Tells Univision That He Is Not “Anti-Immigrant” and That Gingrich’s Tactics Are “Sad”

Jan 25, 2012
4:46 pm

Today, Univision News held a GOP Candidates Forum in Miami. Both Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich had separate interviews with Jorge Ramos to discuss key issues in the upcoming Florida Republican Primary. According to Univision, highlights of both interviews will be aired on this Sunday's January 29 broadcast of "Al Unto" at 10 AM ET/PT and 9 AM CT. The network will also include highlights in Spanish on its Destino 2012 site

Earlier today Gingrich stated his stance on immigration with Ramos. Then it was Romney's turn. The first topic was about how a Gingrich as is labeling Romney as being "anti-immigrant." Here are segments of what he said, from Univision News' Tumblr page:

“It’s very sad for a candidate to resort to that sort of epithet. It’s just inappropriate. There are differences between candidates on different issues, but we don’t attack each other with those types of terrible terms.

Gingrich’s campaign said Tuesday he would pull the ad, which aired on Florida radio stations.

“I’m not anti-immigrant, I’m pro-immigrant. I like immigration. Immigration has been an extraordinary source of strength in this country, as I’m sure you know,” he added. 

“Immigrants form more businesses than do domestic-born Americans. The immigrant population in this country has created great vitality in our economy as well as in our culture.”

Romney also said the following when Ramos asked him about Gingrich's support of "self-deportation:"

“Actually, he was asked on the Laura Ingraham show whether he supported self-deportation and he said yes. And his spokesman also indicated, said that the speaker supports self-deportation, the concept of self-deportation. And so unfortunately for him these are things he’s already spoken out about and he’s spoken out about them in favor.”

He also suggested that Gingrich is pandering for the Florida Latino vote:

"I recognize that its very tempting to come out to an audience like this and pander to the audience and say what you hope the audience will want to hear, but frankly I think that’s unbecoming of a presidential candidate and I think that was a mistake on his part."

After stating his opposition to The DREAM Act, Romney addressed his campaign's worst secret: that his father was born in Mexico.

"I don’t think people would think I was being honest with them if I said I was Mexican-American”