The “Chingón News” Open Letter to Governor Mitt Romney

Jan 30, 2012
9:25 pm

After publishing an Open Letter from GOP Latino Leaders to Mitt Romney (which we published for news-gathering purposes), the Rebeldes received another letter today from Chingón News. Here it is:

Dear Governor Romney:

We are a group of Latinos of various political party affiliations including a Republican, a recovering Republican-now-Independent, Independent, Democrat and We-Don’t-Waste-Our-Votes-On-Culeros Voters invested in our gente, our beloved barrios, our culture and our contribution to this country as patriots. Some of us have never been pendejo enough to support Newt and his history of contempt for the poor and minorities but others of us have never supported you either. Our purpose here it to advise you that those of us who have never stood by you are now supporting you receiving the GOP nomination and not in favor of Newt.

We’ve come to our decision based on our belief that even though your lack of support of the Latino community is clearly hostile towards us, we must support you in our opposition against Newt Gingrich for several reasons that will list towards the end of this letter. The main reason being despite your being a Republican candidate that is a VENDIDO of the 100th degree, you’re still Mexican-American. Newt, however, no matter how many Spanish classes he takes or Tio Tacos he hires to try to engage Latinos, he’s still a white privilege Anglo overlord candidate.

Although you are a vendido, we refuse to believe the hype that Mr. Gingrich has a true history of supporting our community as he refers to our and our descendants’ Spanish as the “language of the ghetto.” Those HisPanic Newt apologists like to brag that Newt “says we he means, and means what he says” even when Newt insults us Latinos and has to backtrack his rhetoric, we remember every culero word spewed from his anti Latino mouth. Therefore with this disingenuous Trojan Horse strategy of Newt’s to win Latino votes is embarrassingly obvious let us list the reasons why we support you on a Romney/Rubio GOP ticket.

  • We need the United States to understand that we are the 22nd largest Latino country in the world, therefore what better time than now to have a Latino ticket for POTUS?
  • We are not happy with Obama’s deportation on steroids enforcement but we are intelligent enough to understand that Obama will be elected to a 2nd term in 2012 no matter how much the GOP tries to win the Latino vote. We’re just not that baboso to be unhappy with Obama but think the GOP is our savior.
  • We do not risk a Romney/Rubio victory for the highest office in the country by endorsing you for the GOP ticket to run against Obama. Even Jeb Bush and Karl Rove are sitting out this election by not offering their help to the 2012 GOP, they know Obama is going to win.
  • Newt Gingrich wants our Latino DREAMers to become cannon fodder in exchange for citizenship. We don’t care that you are flip flopping, you’re not going to win any way based on a DREAM agenda. Again, we are not that stupid.
  • Newt insults the Latino community by hiring a Conquistador/Spaniard academic to translate his message to Latinos, resulting in content being elitist and not based on common folk comprehension of the Spanish language. Too ghetto apparently for him to hire a Latino instead of a European to speak to us in Spanish.
  • At one point in your time as a politician, you were pro choice and enacted a healthcare program to address the needs of those without healthcare. You were a moderate and now you pander to conservatives, but Newt has always been a ultra-conservative hypocrite.
  • A Romney-Rubio GOP ticket showcases the Democratic party’s failure to be progressive before the Republican Party, even though we all know you two are just Plantation Latino tokens chosen to push the white privilege agenda and that the current GOP could care less about our best interests. Nonetheless, it’s time for Latinos to have the same opportunity to be in positions of power.
  • For Mr. Gingrich and his token HisPanics to claim that he has shown “active support for the Hispanic community by reaching out to us, our organizations, and our communities to better understand the real concerns of American Hispanics” is a bunch of mierda. Newt is a classic example of a white privilege culero who thinks Latinos are gullible and uses HisPanics to carry his dirty water. A Latino ticket with a Mexican-American and a Cuban-American finally breaks the glass ceiling for Latinos in politics and opens the door for a truly proud of his/her roots and gente Latino/a POTUS ticket in the future, sooner than later.

Romney, lastly, nothing would please us more than to force a cognitive dissonance assault on the senses of the various sub groups within the GOP, specifically the birthers, the nativists, tea baggers, Christian theocons and open racists to have to choose between voting for Obama, a half white-half Black child of a Kenyan and U.S. citizen or a Mormon Mexican-American anchor baby of a Mexican citizen. We look forward to watching the Newt apologist vendido HisPanics to have to eat crow tacos. Orale!


El Chingon,
La Chigona,
La Abuelita,
El Chuco,
La Llorona,
El Cucuy,